Hark How The Bells, Sweet Silver Bells

Day Two of the December challenge and I’m already feeling a little antipostish. That can’t be good! And also I’m wearing a pair of socks that keep ootching down my feet. That is decidedly not good! I do not like it when my socks start lollygagging off the end of my toes because it feels all weird.

It feels even weirder in boots or shoes and yes I’m still wearing sandals. What? I’ve been putting on the fat socks lately and my feets remain snug like rug bugs even thought it’s dusting snow or 9 degrees out there. OK, I admit that on the 9 degree day I wore boots but only because there was several inches of snow and sandals don’t play well in snow deeper than about three quarters of an inch. I may be touched but I aint crazy!

Yesterday TheMan went and did some condo stuff while I zoomed the zoom of shopping. I had to pick up some felt for the felt board advent pond I’m making for a coworker and some other bits of odds and ends. So this I did, in sandals, and you would not believe the people who like to comment on your sanity for sporting summer wear so late in the season. One fella even gave me that look reserved for crazy people when I told him my feets were fine because I was packing fat socks. Hey, the fat socks do a fine job of toasting the feet (until they get wet that is) and I still have another step of warm to go. Check out the archives, I managed to wear sandals for one year straight (minus two or three days I think) so Early December? Aint no big thing, yo.

Socks and sandals aside, TheMan and I had a pretty nice low key night last night. We cooked up the chicken that had been marinating for a while (eh. The recipe didn’t knock my socks off but then again we didn’t really make it all according to plan either. I think I’ll give it one more try (prepped correctly this time and with the right cut of meat) before I consign it to the delete file), whipped up some cheesy rolls (Yumm-may!) and made artichoke/broccoli for veggies. TheMan was all about the brocs, I was having an artichoke thing. Sadly, my artichoke turned out to be rotten, which I didn’t find out until I cut up the heart and found patches of black hanging out and being bad. *sniff* No artichoke heart for me, it was a sad dinner. We spent the rest of the night loafing about and watching TV.

Put a Cheeto in my mouth?

Better yet, come over and do my dishes? I’ll put lots and lots of Cheetoes in your mouth.

Today is going to be a long day. TheMan and I stayed up way, way, WAY past our bedtime (damn you, you wonderful A&E Thursday night lineup! We need a TiVo!) and woke up about 40 minutes late. That never bodes well for the day. Plus, we are not eating out the entire month of December which includes, most sadly, morning Starbucks runs. We’re running a little experiment called “save some damn money already” so we can get our peeps all the fabulous prezzies they deserve! You hear that peeps? I’m giving up Starbucks for you!


Maybe not exactly, but if I have to suffer from cinnamon spice mocha withdrawal, you have to suffer too. All y’all.

On a final note, I got to wear massive amounts of shiny! sparkly jingly bells today all in the name of work. Ain’t no thing happier than that. Of course I did have to be participating in a skit to do so but never mind that. JINGLES! In a library no less. I’m the rebel, G! And hey! What do you know, that segues beautifully into my lyrical title choice of the day. TheMan will try to convince you that this song is teh suXXX0r but do not listen to him, dear reader. This tune is an awesome melody of Christmasness and thus garners a spot on the list of cool Christmas carols that do not suck. TheMan is just cranky about the bass part, which he says sucks giant moose wang to sing. I’d have to say that’s probably true if you are singing it, but if you just listen to it then you can hear all the pretty, pretty parts and how they blend together all nice like. Ahhhhh.

Sadly, I noticed when trying to snip a snippit for the blog that the lyrics are a tad…hrrrmmm…well, thin I guess. Not much sustenance there (and I keep hearing Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Bells” in my head when I read the lyrics) but that’s not the point of the song! The point of the song is to have somebody else sing it so you don’t have to remember the words and can just sit back and listen.

Whatever, I still think it’s a cool tune and it stays on the list.

Last year at the booniverse: I might also stomp around a bit and whine “Why meeeeeeee?” an intermittent intervals, totally ignoring the fact that I brought this upon myself. That seems like a fair course of action, good! I have my afternoon planned out.

Last last year at the booniverse: We kept the house a toasty warm 70ish, give or take but in reality it felt like 70 give about 10 more degrees for the entire night, just so the yeast would have a happy growing temp. The things we do for wine!

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