2011 December Advent Calendar 04

Warcraft! You are looking at a newly level 85 Druid. MY newly 85 Dr00d. Whoot!

What was it last year when I wanted to get my dr00d to 80 before the expansion? BWA! It only took me a year longer than what I had originally set out but behold!

Boomkin. A snowy boomkin at that, so seasonal. I am embarrassed that it took me longer than it should have to figure out why my toon was snowing. Apparently it’s because I enchanted the staff with avalanche, which has a snow graphic to it. I’m not going to admit to how many days it took me to figure that one out. My defense is that my enchanting isn’t maxed so I have all sorts of weird enchants on that toon, depending on what gives the best ups.

My main spec is tank, because I love me the tanking but I’m also leery of tanking since I don’t know the dungeons and tanks run the dungeons. Ergo, my second spec is ranged dps (moonkin) so I can go in and learn the dungeons to tank them eventually. Sadly the wait for deeps is pretty long and my dr00d isn’t a gatherer so I spend a lot of time boogering around (maybe taking pictures while perched on a molten tower). I got in to 2 dungeons today (Grim Batol and that one in the desert which is not in the sky) and did OK. Moonkining is…odd. I need to look up more stuff about it because I am sure I’m not maximizing my damage potential.

I took a break and did a guild run through the new heroic dungeons with my Pally tank. They are pretty easy and kinda fun so I’m looking forward to doing more of those. I got no ups but I did get valor, rep and coin so that was good. Plus I had more fun than I’ve had in a while.

Next up, I need to get my Shadow Priest to 85 and my Worgen warrior tank to 85. Maybe in 2 or 3 more years…I seem to average 1 top level character per expansion.

2010: JSFR: Eurocake Strawberry.

2009: I decided after napping like the dead to putter around and figure out where the top of my dresser had gotten off to. I was pretty sure that it hadn’t actually wandered off as the dresser was still there and I hadn’t gained the ability to dip into the bra drawer from above, but I also hadn’t laid eyes on it in quite a while.

2008: Well, then don’t make a cheese taste like Government Processed Cheese food.

2007: I kinda like the pic a day but it’s a lot more work than just prattling aimlessly on and then posting.

2006: They are awesome Christmas ideas too, so awesome that I’ve been inordinately pleased with myself and my stupendously excellent Christmas gift ideas for three days now. I! Wrock!

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2003: Bah! I hear the caramel corn calling my name. Excuse me a moment will you?

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