2011 December Advent Calendar 05

Breakfast. Mmm, eggs, cheese, hashbrowns and a windup squid. What could be tastier?

I tell you what could be more fun: not having a cold. The cold that I wasn’t getting all week has finally landed and I am crankity. I did start the day out pretty decently with a TheMan made breakfast (that I sous cheffed thankyouverymuch so all that which is sitting on the cutting boards is my labor. Of course then TheMan took over and cooked it into something deeeelicious but I just wanted to say it started with me. And a squid). Although it wasn’t as tasty as the eggs and hash browns he cooked up this weekend, it was mighty fine. That man can cook yo. (The breakfast might have been tastier if I had cleaned out the skillet a bit better I’m thinking. I guess I’m a so-so sous chef. Or maybe I’m not a good busboy and a decent sous chef.)

TheMan has been experimenting with friend rice lately and getting the technique down pretty good. I’m not sure exactly what goes into the perfect fried rice but it involves rice from yesterday which has been in the fridge, a somewhat gooey fried egg scramble, veggies and meat (unless it’s a vegetarian stir fry I guess). Magic in the kitchen happens and a most delicious fried rice dish comes out. Me? I got a couple frozen Chinese food things at Meijers. That’s the extent of my Chinese cooking.

FYI-Pagoda makes an excellent Sweet and chili spicy chicken thing. Their General Tso’s isn’t the best though.

I spent the rest of the day napping, drinking tea and playing Warcraft. Tiny SPriest at 52!

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