2011 December Advent Calendar 06

We had more snow today but I was again sick and stayed home to nap it off. I finally went out at around 5 to take some pics (teh Facebooks said it was really pretty out). I might have gone out with my slippers and jammies on so perhaps my sick isn’t too much of a mystery. On the other hand, I got some nice pics.

I hate being ill on Tuesday because Blizzard always picks the days I’m home to do a super long patch day (vacation, holiday, sick, it doesn’t matter. They have a keen sense for when I can play during the day). Today they were going to be up at 2pm my time, then 4, then when I checked at 6 the servers where still down. They’ve come up but I got into an updating thing.

Yes, this is actually being written and posted today, December 6th. Sorry that, forgot to warn you to be sitting down for news such as this. I hope you were or that your constitution is above average and you weathered the shock.

Anyway, no WoW (the game) for me. Ergo, updatery. My Spriest can hang out at 52 for a little while longer I suppose.

So. It’s a pretty warm snow out there since I’ve been wandering about the house (and outside) in my jammies, getting tea, reading the Facebooks, waiting for the servers to come up and I’ve not been excessively cold. The nights too have been pretty warm for there being snow out. I think I can dig this snowy yet pleasant winter thing that’s going on.

The Chimbly shows how fat and generally awesome the snow it. It’s heaped on stuff all plop like it just wants to rest somewheres and not make life a miserable living winter hell.

Here’s a long shot of lazy fat snow on trees and stuff. It would be prettier if that wasn’t a shot of the scrub I needed to clear away. Still, it looks prittier with snow.

All this snow and the Cold has made me not want to do much of anything. When I’m not doodling around on Warcraft I’m in bed with hot tea or cocoa reading. I finished off one of my ILL books yesterday and my Grad Minion has two books for me to pick up tomorrow. I also have 2 books sitting on the DVD shelf to read and of course The Dervish House (which I’ve successfully procrastinated reading yet again). Despite the piles of books I haven’t gotten to, the latest book brings me to 26 books read so far this year. I am happy with that number and will gladly note it in my “Read Some Damn Books Ledger 2011”. I actually do have one of those but it’s more an Excel sheet than a ledger because Excel will do my pages maths for me. I heart Excel.

OK, time to refill my tea mug. See you tomorrow.

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3 Responses to “2011 December Advent Calendar 06”

  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    On the positive side, sickie now = well for BIRDEMIC REDUX!!!! Seriously, feel better sister-girl

  2. Ripp_t Says:

    OK, so maybe it was my lame computer skillz, but I haven’t gotten any of your posts for months… and now here ya are! Glad you’re back. I love reading your posts and I was worried ’bout ya.

    Hope your holidays are the best!

  3. Boo Says:

    Hi Ripp_t, that’s nice to hear, I was wondering if anyone (besides StalkerPatti) read the blog anymore so yay! TheMan and I just had one of those Very! Trying! Years! and posting sorta fell by the wayside. But! I have all the posts or notes for posts so eventually I’ll get all the back log unlogged. Speaking of which, I have some posts to post!

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