2011 December Advent Calendar 08

The president’s house and rearing its stacks-y head to loom over everything is my Grad Minion, awaiting my beck and call for books that it can retrieve for me.

I’ve got a book thing. I like having my own copy of books. I do not particularly like reading books that other people (that I don’t know) have run their eyeballs all over. I especially don’t like public library books but I don’t know why I should have that snobbery as Big 10 (12, 14, 28, whatever) students aren’t any more mature or responsible than the general public. Still, I just don’t like reading old ratty books and for whatever reason, I associate munged up books with public libraries.

That’s not to say that public libraries are bad because they are not. They are awesome with a capital H! (which, for my mom, is Hawsome, or leet (internet or hacker) speak for really, really awesome). Public libraries are a way cool resource for communities, especially for people who might not have lots of money to buy all their books. I am all for young people exploring books and getting to know their tastes without having to spend all their allowance on books or have a pile of books they don’t like just sitting around. I just prefer to own my own books, that’s how I am.


I also don’t like spending all my money on books; especially the unknowns so this is why I’ve recently come to like the Grad. It’s letting me check out books to see if I like the author or not. Then, when I get a feel for the author I either buy the book (as in China Miéville) or not (probably Jay Lake, but I’d like to read one more thing of his before I move on). I’m also expanding my reading by picking up books that I wouldn’t have bought to see what they are about.

The third awesome thing about my Library Minions (I have 2 actually) is that they will get the books for me. I am a lazy creature by habit but if I can browse the catalog (which includes all U Libraries in the Libraries system – I think that’s all but 4 of them) and find a book from any library on campus, I can tell my Grad minion to fetch me that book and have it waiting for me. True, I do have to go to the Grad to get the book, but it’s on the way to the car at night so that’s convenient. Not having to go to north campus to get a book? Priceless.

My other minion, ILL, brings the book directly to my office. That’s even better service but it has to be a book not owned on campus. Which is only about 1 in 10, and eventually I’ll get to learn the part of ordering up books so then I’ll become my own minion which…is weird. Still, even though I’ve come to my library love a bit late in life, I can say no ill about either of my minions.

Except maybe that one day The National Library of Finland will become part of the ILL circle so I can finally check out Gods in Spandex. And that the person who was supposed to bring back Connie Willis’s Doomsday Book at the end of November would actually do so.

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