2011 December Advent Calendar 09

Snow! Or maybe more snow but whatever. It’s making everything all pretty. This is Daedalus (do I need to italicize that?) all reposed in the snow.

The trees and lights looked particularly festive but I’m not sure I caught how pretty they were. OK, imagine you are out in the…does dawn have a gloaming or can you only gloam in the evening? Anyway, the dawn equivalent of gloaming and all the trees down the road are lit up with lots of pretty white lights (more than they had last year even) except that they are softly diffuse because half of the lights have a snow hat. Purty.

Just the branches. Holiday lights are much more awesome when it’s dusk or dark. OH! Note to self: Get a pic of the house with the blue trees.

Anyway, back to the gorgeous and look! Why, it’s the picture 1,000,000 people will be snapping over the course of the life of the Quad. Yup, and I’ve added it to the blog. I think I’m person 7,615. It’s cliche but dayum. Will you look at where I work?

Sometimes when I’m just about at SCREW YOU JOB! I get this. Oh yeah…I really like how grand and pretty this place is. And you know? The people aren’t really all that bad mostly. Maybe I’m having an off (really off) day. (Today is not one of those days, although I could do without the lingering head cold or the whooshing chill of outside.)

Admire my gothic-y-ness.

I can do it with trees. BEHOLD!

I made this pic just a little bit bigger than normal because I wanted to let the detail come through a little more. This could be Hogwarts folks. At least the older buildings.

2010: Why is it that the dirty dish pile grows exponentially compared to how many dishes you actually use? I could use a plate and a fork and by the end of the day I’ll have no clean bowls left. I didn’t even use any bowls!!

2009: The original recipe calls for 4 cups of water, 4 cans of beans and more stuff which…after 4 cups of water anything else would have cause a crockpot tsunami.

2008: Fargin cold, now it’s gone and taken out LG!

2007: JSFR: Toppo (cassis mousse & orange liqueur)

2006: JSFR: Satsumaimo Pretz

2005: Have you ever tried to spell Good King What’s-his-face’s name? Oi! I can’t even say it correctly (comes out Whenshelsauce) much less spell it.

2004: Hee, Bob Newhart: Badass! That cracked my shit right the hell up, folks.

2003: They had best keep things like that because if Starbuck and Apollo jump in the sack, my brain is going to just outright pop.

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