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ARRRRGH! I’m having one of those work days today. You know, those days where it seems like you aren’t making one iota of difference and you begin to ask yourself “Why am I here again?” Yeah. Those days.

I have a question though…why do most of the lower paying jobs require a college degree? Is there something that was taught in in college which is vital to performing any clerking/secretaring/low to low-mid level positions? I’m racking my brain here as to why a high school diploma won’t cut it and I’m coming up pretty blank here.

Realistically, what do I do that a high school graduate couldn’t? I schedule rooms…which isn’t that difficult. I process word documents which also isn’t difficult. I keep statistics but Excel does all my math (and for that we are eternally grateful) so it’s mostly entering numbers and looking up Excel speak formulas. I think a high school graduate could do that. I also restock supplies which I didn’t take any courses on in college so a high school graduate ought to be able to do that too. Come to think on it, I didn’t take that class in high school either. Maybe I’m just naturally gifted?

Heh, I passed out of “stocking”

Where was I? Right. I get the mail and distribute it which also isn’t rocket science. There is the whole ordering of the New York Times in descending chronological order in the hanging newspaper rack. That could be tough to keep track of…especially when the weekend editions come on Monday. That’s three days of papers that have to be ordered!

Oh wait, I think I just red shifted the sarcasm there. Seriously though, the ability to order the New York Times doesn’t seem like bachelor degree material does it?

I do have a pretty flexible schedule so when I’m done doing things that have to be done, I can schedule my day pretty much how I want to. Maybe that’s the rub. Does college teach you self management skills? Did I take that class? Was it covered in Fortran?

I wonder if the U is looking for a more…ummm…something kind of person when they require a college degree for jobs that maybe don’t need a college degree. I can tell you one thing, other than the ability to BS with the best of them, I pretty much learned nothing that is helping me with my job. OK, maybe I gained the skill of being able to do big projects in a panicked hurry but I learned that in high school. I just refined it in college. Heh.

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