Bring a Torch, Come Swiftly and Run

So I used part of the title in today’s entry but I can’t help that the second line is almost the same as the first (which is the title). Man, I thought I was running out of cool Christmas Carols to grab lyrics from but then I found this one. I totally forgot about this song! I used to love the beejeebus outta this tune when I was small and they never play it on the radio. This is a good thing because I’m never posting anything from O Little Town of Bethlehem, Silent Night or Jingle Bells. God almighty you crazy three tune playing stores and stations, invest in diversity.

It’s not that I have anything against Silent Night or O Little Town but they fall into the “It’s a Small World” category of tunes. Those of you who have been to the Magic Kingdom know exactly what I’m talking about. You can’t take three steps without it being a world of laughter or a world of tears and by the end of the day you feel like making it a world of pain. Same with the almighty three, five, ten, whathaveyou. Let’s face it, you only ever hear a handful of carols played despite there being about a bazillion of them out there. For instance, did you know that “Go Tell it on the Mountain” was a Christmas tune? I never knew. We used to sing that in church, I thought it was just a religious tune!

And now, as promised, it’s dinotime! With your host, boo!

As it turns out, I can only draw nine dinosaur phenotypes and one of them no longer exists anymore! I mean the particular dinosaur that I draw because I am old enough to keep drawing brontosauruses but apparently they’ve been renamed. Anyway, I give you the land walking long snaky neck dinosaur.

Is he an Apatosaurus (what the brontosaurus became. I guess brontosaurus isn’t ‘cool’ anymore), Argentinosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Camarasaurus, Diplodocus (which to me is a brontosaurus with a head knob), Jobaria…you get the idea. There are a whole lot of snaky necked land walking dinosaurs!

There are only two three swimming dinosaurs:

Elasmosaurus (which is a brontosaurus with flipper feet).

and Mosasaur, which is your basic alligatorisaurus.

This fella is a latecomer to the field, hence the 3×5. Tasty Ichthyosaurus. I actually drew one of these for Baby D but I forgot about it until looking through the sauruses, at which point I said, “Oh yeah! Feral dolphin-a-saur!

Then there is the humongous chompin two legged tiny front hand having dinosaurs. This one is supposed to be a T-Rex, but it could also be an Allosaurus or Gorgosaurus but not Compsognathus. You can tell because Compsognathus is the tiny fellow in the same picture. Maybe. OK, there are only two kinds of stand up teeth chompin-a-saurs: The big ones and the little ones. There. Happy? Moving on!

Hmmm! I thought I had for sure drawn an Ankylosaurus but by all looks of it, this fella could also be a Euoplocephalus. How can you have more than one turtle like spiky fellas with clobber knob tails?

This guy? Totally Parasaurolophus. Apparently you can have a couple turtle like spiky rimmed clobber knob tailed dinos but you can only have one head handled Parasaurolophus. I think the handle is for better steering.

Pteranodon! You can tell because it has no tail. I had to look that up when I drew one for Baby D because I could not remember if bird-a-sauruses had tails. They ought, for steering and all but maybe that’s what the head sail is for.

And the ever popular Stegosaurus. Note the spikes. And the crank. This is one cranky-a-saurus.

Lastly, Triceratops. The rhinoceros of the dinosaur world, or at least that’s how I think of them. I also wasn’t sure if they had tails (well, rhinos don’t!) but I drew one in anyway since everybody else had one save the flying-a-saurus.

Alright lastly lastly, TheMan reminded me about the guy with the giant sail fin thing (Dimetrodon). I used to have one of these as a plastic toy when I was a kid! How could I forget my pal dimetra-tro-tr-errrr big old sail fin guy?

(BTW, I’m getting all my dinosaur pic references and spellings from here.)

There you have it, my repertoire of dinosaurs on snazzy colored paper. I admit I had to junk a couple of pics (T-Rex gave me hives) until I got something I could live with but mostly these are off the top of my head free sketched. I’m very highly amused that the final T-Rex is on pink. He wears it well.

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