2011 December Advent Calendar 10

Big Effing Q. Every Advent calendar should contain at least one day of NyQuil. Or maybe it’s just me that gets sick every December.

More post datery because I spent 20 of the day’s 24 hours sleeping. All week the HVAC has been on the wonk at work such that the air flow is either completely off or full double plus on. The powers that be decided that for the comfort of our patrons that we would be going with the all on choice. I suppose that was the better way to go since we are underground and you can’t really open a window and it gets mighty stuffy really fast with no air. However, when your COLD AIR RETURN is two degrees warmer than the “hot” air coming in…things don’t bode well. That and the constant hooting whistle from the air ducts in the tech area and the thrumming hum in the other offices has made for an annoying week.

Four or five days is also longer than the building can retain the heat it has built up so yesterday it was chilly anywhere there wasn’t a giant lightwell. My feet never warmed up which I’m blaming for the return of the cold. So yeah. 4 hours awake. And not in a row. Mmmm, NyQuil.

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  1. Amy (LunarG) Says:

    December is for getting sick. I don’t think my family has ever had a Christmas during which *someone* wasn’t incapacitated by germs.

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