2011 December Advent Calendar 11

Advent day 11: Cats which have never been fed!

This is, probably, every cat that ever had a human to look after it. Ours are particularly sly about it too, TheMan and I have to leave notes to each other if one of us gets up early and feeds the cats because they will positively swarm the other person all “I’ve never been fed. Ever.” They are like perpetual hyena-piranhas. Hyanhas? Pirenas? I could feed them at 7, and then call out krunchies at 7:20 and I’ll be run down by cats who have warped in from all hidey-holes in the house.




I’ve never been fed ever but I’ve heard of this food thing and I am so excited to finally try some!

2010: JSFR: Double Your Fun Square Cookies (wheat and cheese)

2009: We also had an impromptu white elephant kitchen tchotchke exchange in which I wound up with some sort of potato masher thing. Or perhaps it makes Spaetzel. Or both, I’m not sure.

2008: It all started off with the leak in the Zombie bag.

2007: He’s on the ‘more’ side of more or less OK but guess what he has today? A bruise bigger than George Washington’s head. The dollar bill George Washington.

2006: The Little Kitty, she loves her some curling ribbon and hopped her little cat butt on top of the table (BAD KITTY!) to attack the prezzies.

2005: JSFR: Mr. Brown Iced Coffee

2004: Oh hey, blogaversary. Happy blogging me!

2003: I find that I routinely type faster than Word can keep up. If you have ever seen me type, you would know that this is a sad sad fact.

2002: Bruises bigger than George Washington’s Head! Ouch.

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