Please Have Snow and Mistletoe

I will concede that today’s Christmas carol lyric is one of those over played holiday tunes but I’m still including it. I have fond memories of my grandpa crooning out this tune while accompanying himself on the organ. We’d go down to ‘Bama to visit and most evenings after dinner my grandpa would wander into the living room to play and sing for about a half hour or so. It didn’t matter if anyone else was there, I think he just really enjoyed having a little music time for himself. Grandpa could sing a mean croony tune too, and play a pretty mean Hammond electric organ. Ergo: The tune is in.

I was just thinking about the over played Christmas tune thing and it occurred to me that you rarely hear the slow crooner tunes when you are out and about. Mostly, you here these tunes when they run ads on TV for “The Best Christmas Songs Ever” or for the special celebrity Christmas shows. Everybody’s got to be dreaming about a White Christmas or Being Home for Christmas if they are going to be anybody in the singing world. You aint done White Christmas? Then you aint nobody, kiddo.

Actually, if you aint Bing, then you aint done White Christmas. I think he is the quintessential White Christmas authority because really, who else can do up White Christmas like Bing? Well Bing and my grandpa.

I dig today’s tune because it’s one of the rare sad Christmas tunes. There isn’t much call for being melancholy in a season filled with the happy and feasting and the birth of Christ yay so there aren’t many sad tunes written. In fact, I can only really come up with two and a third sad Christmas carols off the top of my head (the third of a song being the myrrh verse from We Three Kings. Actually, that’s more creepy than sad. Can you imagine sitting there in the manger while these three wise dudes come up with their prezzies and the first dude is all “I got gold for a king!”. Then the second dude steps up with, “And I got Frankincense befitting a diety!”. Finally, the last dude sort of glides up there all spooky with this air of gloom and doom and gives the new parents stuff you put on a dead body so it doesn’t stink up the joint. Ahhh, thanks wise dude. Nothing says welcome to this world little one like DEATH SPICES!). Where was I? Oh right! Sad tunes.

Anyhow, I don’t know as I care overly for the melody (it’s OK, nothing to write home about – heh – but it’s not bad either) but I like the origin myth and the words. It’s a wistfully nostalgic tune and sometimes you need that counter point when everything else is all Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! Plus, I hadn’t noticed until sometime into writing this that today is the anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Look at that, I’m topical!

There isn’t much going on at the Q house (which explains the carol babbling) other than mourning for TheMan’s computer and consequently our lost WoW time (the laptop went pffst over the weekend so he took it to the computer docs yesterday). Mostly we have been watching the SciFi mini series The Triangle and putting pickle juice on Little Kitty’s head. Or rather I was the one who pickled my kitty. See, I was happily eating my baby gherkins (yum) when the Little Kitty sauntered into the kitchen, stopped at my feet and bleated at me. And bleated. And bleated some more so I figured she was in drastic need for petting right? Right! So like a good cat mom I attended to my love starved kitty. But like a really bad cat mom I didn’t go wash off my hands after I was through dipping for pickles. Heh. Ever see a cat with pickle head? Fun-nay!

Yes, I am going straight to cat mom hell, but I’ll at least be chuckling all the way.


The Triangle isn’t as funny as a pickle headed cat but it has been keeping our attention the past couple of nights. The basic premise is that a shipping mogul guy has hired four people to look into the disappearances and freaky occurrences of a good handful of his ships that have gone astray in the Bermuda Triangle. The writers of the show seem to be going with the government conspiracy theory of Triangle freakiness for the explanation (rather than the mystical or supernatural route. Are there more Triangle theories out there? OH! Scientific. Heh. Forgot that one) as best as I can guess. There is something to do with trans-dimensional hoohah and some temporal tinkering which brings about an interesting twist to the whole Triangle myth. Because the government is doing its Triangle conspiracy thang, which includes or has a side effect of dinking with time, all oddities that have ever happened for all time in this area are a direct result of the current government plot/plan/whatever. So, if the government had kept its nose out of the Triangle whoohah, there would never be any mysterious Triangle activity.

Well, at least I thought it was neat. Little Kitty was too disgruntled to care about time plots because she smelled like baby gherkins.

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