I have a bazillonty books stacked up awaiting the perusal of my eyeballs. Not to mention all the books on My Favorites list which I shall eventually ask my Grad Minion to fetch for me.

All year I have not been able to get my reading together; I think I need a hobby organization grid. I’m doing a decent run this year…23 books read as of today but I don’t think I’ll top last year’s 40 books or 2009s 33. I made up an Excel sheet to track my reads and since the inception of the Read Some Damned Books Initiative I’ve read 130 books in 5 years or 26 books a year on average. Huh, I guess that’s not too bad as I aim to read 24 books a year. 2008 killed my average with only 12 books read but I totally blame the Mars series by Kim Stanley Robinson. I didn’t even finish all 3 in one year it took me so long. They wuz dense books.

Speaking of Mars, I have decided to chunk down on my Hugo list and picked up Downbelow Station by C.J. Cherryh. It’s a really fascinating read about Earth colonizing space and what happens to the outer colonies that take decades to get to (and have a sustainable planet of their own for getting needed goods and such) and how they deal with Earth politics . However, I can’t help but think how similar a lot of the situations are to the Mars trilogy except not as dense. It feels, sadly, like the Mars primer and that’s not right because this book came first.

I’m also taking a long time to read it since it is not lending itself well to reading in parts and I keep getting confused as to who is what with the characters. Hrmph. Ah well, I’ll definitely hit 24 by December 31st and I’ll have checked off a Hugo book. I plan on reading the giant Connie Willis Hugo winner Black out/All clear by this year as well and hopefully the other two Grad pull books I have in my possession. I do not know if I will get to Gannymead, the new Clockwork Century book by Priest, or The Princess Curse by local Merrie Haskell or even if I will finish The Dervish House which I started back in…June? July?

I need more hours in my day, or better organized hours in my day so I can read, play Warcraft, update my blog (hi!), cook, and get the chores done what need to be done.

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