When The Snow Lay Round About Deep And Crisp And Even

Have you ever tried to spell Good King What’s-his-face’s name? Oi! I can’t even say it correctly (comes out Whenshelsauce) much less spell it. Good thing I know more of the tune and can just google random lines no? Oh and also I’ve decided enough with the sad songs already, it’s Friday! Who wants a downer for the weekend? I will let you know that Mumses came up with two more sad tunes: Cherry Tree Carol, which I’ve never heard, and Blue Christmas, which I hate.


I know there are a million Elvis fans out there going, “Haaate?!?? WHAT?!? How can she?” Simply put, the song gives me hives. I like the King when he is in boogie mode (Jail House Rock? The BOMB!) but the slow tunes just annoy me. Not only is Blue Christmas a slow Elvis tune but the back up singers make me want to stabbity something.

I’ll have a blue
without you


I think it’s because the song sounds so used car salesman and frankly, I’m rather glad they are having a blue Christmas. Anyway, this song? NOT on the cool carol list. I’ll put Jingle Bells up before Blue Christmas.

So! Onto other interesting exploits. Guess who wrote up the JSFR for this weekend? I totally WROCK yo. Wait a minute, I think this deserves a “boo is the shizznit” dance. **dancedance** (it’s just a short one this time out ‘cuz I’m also sort of sleepy). Hey, anytime I’m not JSFRing at the zero hour is cause for celebration in my book. Unfortunately (sort of) The Man and I went shopping last night at Bush’s (a sometimes hot spot for JSF) and procured a little more something somethings so I’m backlogged again with the snacks. I think I have…errr…five more snacks in the queue, not including the drinks TheMan picked out for his guest review.

HOLY MOLEY! Guest review! I forgot totally about writing one up for TheMan this Sunday. Good thing I hammered out that JSFR so I can spend my time guest reviewing.

BTW, I am all sorts of disgruntled that TheMan can put up four sentences and legitly call it an entry. Bah! Why didn’t I structure the booniverse that way? Why???

Oh right. Blather-on syndrome. Damn. Now I’m going to have to go back in time and kick my past self in the hiney for establishing more of a journal type blog (but I’m still calling it a blog-dammit!) so I can put up short blurbits and call it an entry. This writing a day is KILLING ME! I mean, take a look at today’s entry…is there even a common thread anywhere in and amongst these thoughts? NO! Resoundingly so. Big Fat NO! I’m all over the place with the songs and the snow (hold on, have I mentioned that yet? but of COURSE not! See? SEE????) and the JSFR. Yahhhhhh!

Oi! I gotta have me a bit of a lie down before I go ‘plody. Someone thought it might not be all THAT bad to do a little shoveling this morning (because we got SNOW) despite having a sore back for three days now (yeah hi). On the plus side, I-er someone didn’t anger their already cranky back by shoveling! Whoooo. Nope. Someone just pissed off a new section of their back and learned that two crankies will gang up on one person. Ow.

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