2011 December Advent Calendar 13

Socks! Oh yeah, bright happy soft AWESOME socks. Cat optional.

I love me some socks. I am of the opinion that socks don’t really have to match your outfit but should match your mood or fancy. Sometimes they can match if you are feeling especially matchy but I like to express my state of mind through my choice of sock.

I have lots of choices of sock too, and I don’t feel as I have enough fun socks. I’m not sure I have much more room for socks (and a cat) and really? Who needs a whole big dresser drawer of socks? (and cat). If I had more socks, Vande might be hard pressed to find her a good wallow and I’d actually have socks I cared about getting all fuzzed. Currently she’s mostly sleeping on my work socks (which are decidedly uncool but serve the very important function of keeping my cool socks pristine and neat for wearing on those non work occasions. That’s work as in garden or hard work, not work as in what I do for money so I can do projects which require work socks to wear).

And why do my cool awesome socks wear out but the yuck socks don’t? I mean, cool socks should be so cool that they withstand normal wear and tear. Right? And Yuck socks should disintegrate faster so one can get more cool socks. Underwear should work that way as well. The world does not operate to please me in a sock way. Hrumph.

2010: TinyCat took the opportunity to blow snot like some sort of demented cat-whale all over the vet office.

2009: JSFR: Crown Coffee Slim

2008: JSFR: Morinaga Azuki Caramels

2008: “Dude! I just had a Thermal Event! Thermal Event!!! You know I’m a computer right? THIS CAN NOT BE GOOD!!!!!”

2007: I actually had a giggle fit right there on the sidewalk at the thought of a Peppermint Jesus because dude. Funny.

2006: Apparently the cow’s lease was up and the owners took her back. Bastards! I liked that cow.

2005: Sock cats do come with a disadvantage: furred socks. In the drawer, not on the cat.

2004: Well, yesterday I took a jaunt out to some places just to test the sick waters and sure enough, two hours and four shops about put me on my butt.

2003: Who likes making dough anyway? I much prefer eating it which may explain why I probably wasn’t allowed to help much in stage one.

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  1. Amy (LunarG) Says:

    I hate how all my favorite undies wear out so soon and I am stuck with the ones that are the correct size but pinch there or slide there. And aren’t argyle.

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