2011 December Advent Calendar 14

Doodles! This is going to be LunarGeography’s most favorite Advent day.

It’s Break Proctor time again so it’s also time for Proctor Doodles. It’s also “start thinking about what you are going to draw for the Smithee Stupid Looking Monster” time so that’s why the giant bug. We were going to do another SLM but it needs mortar boards which won’t start popping up until after Smithee Season. I realized this about August when all the graduation stuff had disappeared from the shelves. Sigh. Anyway, DQ and I cooked up a new monster (she has a really clever idea on how to make them which involves gloves. WOOO! I’m still in glove season!!) which was a giant bug.

However, in order to get a feel for the scale, I’m going to also have to get little Lego guys to glue into the pinchers so you can tell that the hand puppet is a GIANT bug hand puppet and not just a bug hand puppet. This led to the thought of little astronaut Lego guys and the next thing you know, the SLM is climbing up the Vehicle Assembly Building and opening it like a sardine can. I was originally going to have it looking into a flip topped Saturn V rocket but A: Saturn Rockets are not designed like beer steins and B: I like the VAB. It has its own atmosphere it so large.

Buuuuut…I couldn’t remember what the VAB’s initials were except it started with ‘V’ which immediately took me to VLA. Which the VAB is not. Sadly, it was too late (and I had another 10 minutes of break time to kill) and having giant bugs on the brain I asked myself what giant bugs would do with the Very Large Array. The answer seemed easy: Checkers.

I am sadly disappointed that I’ve had to explain this drawing to more than one person.

This one is a lot tougher to figure out but it all started with the phrase “Arecibo as a hat” and the rest went downhill fast. What else is a drunk giant bug going to be wearing when he wakes up New Year’s Day? Traffic cones are way too tiny.

2010: Picture Proctor Posting.

2009: Blueberries aren’t really blue, they are more purply purple which I’m filing under indigo.

2008: JSFR: Toppo (milk chocolate Ghana 60th anniversary)

2007: What can I say? September seems to be my lazy month.

2006: If you feel the need to say to me “Have you checked to make sure the ‘X’ is plugged in?”, I will fong you. Of course the damn thing is plugged in, I’m NOT A TOTAL FUCKING IDIOT!

2005: Minus 20 boo points for anyone who says bad things about my sis!

2004: I bought three pairs, all the same waist size and all the same inseam but one pair I can’t button (*sniff*), one pair fits, albeit snuggly and this pair is big enough for me and a mad ferret (but not so good for ferret legging cause the critter’d just shoot right out of the top).

2003: JSFR: Tohato Caramel Corn Snack (strawberry)

2002: New blog, no updaty.

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  1. Amy (LunarG) Says:

    This is my favorite advent day post ever! And now I know why you were discussing Arrecibo as a hat, which you mentioned on FB and I could not quite imagine what conversation would have led there.

    King me. Heh!

    Giant bugs! Must cuddle!

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