Japanese Snack Food Review: UFO Potato Crisp


Oooo! Shiny. And they have UFO right in the name. I was so excited about some Engrish going on except…they really did mean UFO. Or so I think. Really, though, they look more like footballs with small Victorian collars on either end of the nose and…ahhh…anti nose so the football can’t scratch itself in the middle. Huh! I bet they do that to footballs right after they close up the middle part, we just never see because by the time they get to the shelf the stitches have healed.

Or maybe they look like little tiny food epilates. You decide.


Whatever the shape is supposed to be, we all thought they were pretty cool. Pea points for the unusual, molded, whatever it is shape. And they are molded too, sort of like one of those cellulose packing peanuts might be except tastier. They have a nice crunch as well which is rather an airy crunchy affair full of nice light crunchiness. I guess you could go with “these do not have a dense crunch” if you wanted to. Can you blow mold cheese balls? If you could (into little epilate shapes) then that is what you would have here but with a smoother texture.

The taste…welllll that’s where these fellas are going to lose pea points. The packaging shows two plump tomatoes, and from experience we know that tomato can be done well, but UFO chips just can’t step up to the plate. They have ‘tomato powder’ listed as an ingredient and you can really taste that in them. They taste an awful lot like they got dusted with powdered generic tomato paste. Meh. There is a bit of sweet to them and a very light hint of zest but those flavors just couldn’t shine through the overwhelming tomato-pasty-powder-meh. One Guinea Pig discovered that they were tastier warm (she had soup, they were snuggled up to her toasty soup bowl) but who really thinks to microwave crackers before eating them? So yeah, the taste really killed it for the UFO Potato Crisps.

Sadly, because they were really quite fun to look at, I will have to give UFO Potato Crisps a


of 2 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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