2011 December Advent Calendar 15

Hey look, the ides of December. What better way to wait them out than with a nice hot cuppa tea? This is my tea stash at work which has 13 (possibly 14, I can’t exactly tell from here) different flavors of tea. One never knows what one is going to be in the mood for so I like to be prepared.

I had a half day today because the kitties needed to go into the vets, so I wandered to my Grad Minion to pick up a book I had pulled. On the way I met the fattest squirrel. They are all kinda chubby around this time seeings as it’s getting on towards winter but this fella was fat. Not big boned, not sturdy, he was waddle-butt fat. He was kinda all up in my face about it too giving me the “Yeah? I’m fat. I’m a fat, fat squirrel. Whacha gonna do? Huh?” eyes.

At the Grad I picked up my book. Lookie this, bitch and ye shall receive! Woot and all.

The bug is having some break and exhaust issues so we’ve been driving the truck in. TheMan had a full day vacation today and was cooling it at the car shop but the past three days have looked like this. Who’s the douche canoe who drives the truck? It’s sticking out like 40 feet into the lane.

To get a better idea of how long the truck is, especially compared to the VW bug (not ours) parked behind it and the tiny silvery thing parked in front. That’s gotta be what? 3 feet?

And we’ve been parking it as snug as we can get it without bumping the structure. I took this pic so you could see the 8 inches of nose space, which isn’t much when you think about parking cars. Also, it’s tough to tell on the older square nosed trucks how close you are to something if you haven’t run into it. I thought about cropping the pic until I realized the silvery fart parked next to the truck had pulled in mere micrometers from the wall. Well, excuse me Mr. “Look how well *I* can park”. I guess you are just that much more superior to me. I hope you enjoyed getting out between our cars because the truck is ass-nasty dirty all along its entire length and wide enough to be really close no matter which side you are on. MUAHAHHAHAHAHHA!

I win.

Then it was home to pack up the cats and wait for TheMan to return with our newly fixed bug. YAY!

“Wait…how do they take cat temperatures again?”

Tess has been to the vets several times but this is only Tycho’s second visit since we got him. He was investigating everything. Doorknob? Doorstop? Doorhinge? Door?

“Do you know about the-”
“YES. I know about the thermometer. Now shove over, I’m sniffing this corner.”

“There ought to be laws.”

2010: Avoid C.E. Berger old fashioned nog like the plague. There isn’t enough booze to make that a happy experience.

2009: Eggplant are also the texture of foam rubber which is both fun and disturbing.

2008: Did you know binkies have a right way up and a wrong way up?

2007: JSFR: Meltykiss (framboise)

2006: I do feel pretty bad-ass with my 1337 new scanner & PDFing skills. Ph33r M3!

2005: While string beans may be very tasty, and indeed they are, and candy cane chocolate chip cookie doodads may also be very tasty, and THEY are, mixing the two is pretty vile. I’m just sayin.

2004: Of course I was way too lazy to make it last night so instead I measured out all the ingredients, mixed what I could and left it all out (save the eggs) to pick up first thing in the morning. Yup, I’m that lazy.

2003: “Hi, my name is boo and I can’t let unwrapped Christmas gifts lie.”

2002: I’m not used to seeing 2002 down here, guess I wont post back then.

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