2011 December Advent Calendar 16

Mmmm, turkey. The BadGardens made a FAAAAABULOUS turkey for the watchings of the Birdemic.

StalkerPatti has been positively vibrating with anticipation for Birdemic night in which we watched the RifTrax version of Birdemic: Shock and Terror. Of course we made a theme night out of it and had turkey and bird themed booze because of course! Eagle River Kentucky Bourbon is really good. Old Crow bourbon is suitable for mixing and putting on ice cream but Wild Turkey is only good for getting drunk. Actually, I had pirate bay pineapple rum on my ice cream and it was delicious.

We fired up the projector and OH MY GOD! I forgot how bad that damn movie was, to the point of repressing whole scenes, and also I appreciated even more how much work TheMan did to get the audio levels even somewhat ballpark close to understandable for the Smithee clips. Smithee peeps, you don’t even know. I did enjoy the riffing though. I hadn’t realized how much parking and preparing to park shots there were in that damn movie.


Also, Rod is really stalker creepy. Run Natalie Run!

We had an excellent night despite the movie, even though we all wanted to kill every single cast member by the end. Is it a sad thing when you start rooting for the abysmally animated “birds”? Or is it just natural given the shitty dialogue, cinematography, and sound? Kill them my pretties. Kill them all!

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    Ken & I had an awesome time as well! I truly had blocked out portions of the movie, as we all seemed to. That crazy old professor type guy at the end? No idea. Going into the jungle? Nada.

    The bad news for you is that Ken now wants to hang out more often, so…. 🙂

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