And To You Your Wassail, Too

Welcome to day 12 (Drummers Drumming!!! I confess, I had to look that up. I can never remember the order of drummers, pipers, or lords a leaping) of the December Challenge. But first! Lyrical Review.

I was going to apologize for including a somewhat popular yuletide tune for the only reason that DQ made wassail Saturday and the tune’s been stuck in my head since then, but when I went to snatch a lyric I totally recanted. Overall I really like the bippy beginning to this tune, sort of a travel door to door caroling music. Let’s face it, if you had to walk to the measure of Silent Night you’d never get anywhere but this tune? Truckin. OK! All you singers, let’s beat feet to the next house, MmmmKay?

And then I discovered THAT’S THE POINT OF THE WHOLE TUNE!!! Going from door to door and getting free handouts (bonus!). That is totally my kind of tune. Hows come we never do that anymore? That would be so righteous to go singing and have people hand out hot drink and food and MONAY! Seriously. Check out the lyrics (and if you’ve been wondering where I’m getting all this goodness, saunter over here because they are the shizznit!). Food? Check (and a table even). Booz? Check. A little spending cash? Check and check. All you have to do, apparently, is bless the house with good fortune and BOOZ!

Why do all the fun traditions just fade away in the onward marching of time?

I also really like the change-up between happy walking measure to SERIOUS MOOCHING (and house/booz blessing) MEASURE. Plus, I never knew that line was “and to you your wassail too” (see? Blessings of booz!). Man, I like this song even more than I did when it was stuck in my head all weekend. I want some wassail now. And cheese. And pocket change.

Which brings us to the weekend and Friday! Which I can not remember at all what we did. I guess it’s your lucky weekend blather recap; I’ve shortened it by a whole third. Instead, though, I’ll tell you why TheMan and I and several other people we know are going to hell (straight to hell, do not pass Go and do not collect $200). It all started with the carol from last week: Bring the Torch Jeannette Isabella. TheMan has never heard the tune, while it’s one of those songs that really tickles my fancy. It’s not all “The Savior Is Born” fall to your knees yadda yadda Christianity-cakes. Instead, it’s a bunch of women who are all “Ohhhhh! A BABY! He’s so Cuuuuuute! Come hurry, look at the BABY!!!!!” I can imagine a gaggle of them Ooooing and Ahhhhing over the tiny messiah. Never mind he’s the savior of all mankind, it’s a BABY!!!!!

TheMan, however, was stuck on the torch. Why bring a torch? Was there going to be a burning? Who was going to get flamb�ed?

Our other deep digression into sacrilegious territory had to do with transubstantiation. You ever wonder how Christ keeps his rail thin physique? Transubstantiation! On the other hand, you ever see a skinny Buddha? Nope, because Buddhism doesn’t have any transubstantiation tenants. Coincidence??

Hey. I have my hand basket all picked out, thankyouverymuch.

Saturday we went shopping and cleared up a good deal of Christmas presentage. I think the only things left to get are mail order stuff, which we need to do today. I even made cookies to send to my G’ma but I forgot to get any candy whatsits to go with them. I like to send my G’ma a tin of cookies with seasonal candy bits, although I usually pick up the fun Pillsbury picture cookies so I’m not as cool as I would be if I made cookies from scratch. Still, G’ma gets prezzies in the mail and who doesn’t like prezzies arriving in the mail? We also picked up all the rest of the local prezzies to hand out on…

Sunday! Not much really went on Sunday other than the Sunday game (and the transubstantiation conversation. Body of Christ? Mmmmm!), a shopping run to get some candy goodies and packing up the tin to ship out. Oh! And some dishes and laundry, but not nearly as much as I wanted to get done. We also wound up missing DQ’s parTAY (for which the wassail was made) on Saturday because I had it in my head that it was on the day after Saturday, but not Sunday because that was the Sunday game day. You know, that mystical day after Saturday but before Sunday? Then!

So yeah. Our bad. Although if I think hard enough I might bend space and time and all sorts of other big important things and actually believe a day between Saturday and Sunday. Who’s with me on that? If we all think hard enough maybe it’ll happen! It’s possible.

Oh! And check this out: Yesterday was the booniverse’s blog-a-versary. I’ve been thinking all year about how I’m going to designate the year before “last last” year because “last last last year” sounds stupid and I haven’t really come up with anything I really like. So, I’ll just go with

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