2011 December Advent Calendar 17

We were boogering along downtown Ypsi which is pretty festively decked out for the season. Sadly, my camera 5ki11z aren’t that great. On the other hand, Artsey!

We left the bug over at the BadGardens because Badmove drove to Birdemic last night and dropped us off at home on the way back. TheMan and I didn’t get up until pretty late today and then decided to embark on a shopping trip in the truck before picking up da bug. Why the truck you ask? Good question! After having picked up the bug Thursday all shiny and new with the exhaust, breaks and a fixed hatch back hatch we discovered at the vets that the hatch latcher isn’t. I stayed with the kitties while TheMan looped back and said “Hey!”. While pokerating around, the shop discovered that they had left some air in the brake line so they bled that out. The bug stops now instead of coming to a mooshy halt. The latch worked fine while at the shop so nothing happened there.

On Friday we fired up the bug to go to teh BadGardens only to hear the RUMBLY-BARKY-BARFF-BARFF of an exhaust system trying to work its way off the car. Sure enough, our muffler was hanging all wibbly wobbly like a dash board bobblehead. Thus, shopping in the truck. I picked up three bags of stuff for cookie making which stretched the truck’s limited cab space (it was snowing) and still I need mats for the cookies. Monday TheMan will take the bug back in and say HEY!.

I think we need a new fix-it place.

My cold is kicking my heiney so that’s all you get for today. Except…

Kleenex and Tussin. My new masters. All hail Kleenex and Tussin. This is kinda how I feel actually. Blurry and a little washed out.

2010: Proctor posts. I’m still looking for santa hats and Tess is again on antiboitics.

2009: I should be more specific when I say I want a pony. 30 minutes of walking and already I have 3.

2008: Do you know what is awesome about today? Backlinking is made even easier because the first page of Decembers past starts with December 17th.

2007: Uh oh…splody.

2006: “I was fairly certain, once I got everything stacked and bungied onto the cart, that I could get the whole kit and caboodle rolling. I wasn’t entirely as confident in my abilities to stop said kit and caboodle once it got going.”

2005: JSFR:Sweet Potato Cookies

2004: (Hi mumses. I was going to give you a call about that but it seems like that hasn’t happened either. BTW, we aren’t bringing turkey).

2003: On the plus side, I ran into a really amusing error: W2 no such person. That’s just strikes me as funny coming from a printer.

2002: Suddenly, my sis or I would remember The Baskets and discover one last handful of goodies and maybe a bit of spending cash.

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