2011 December Advent Calendar 18

Muahahhahhahahahahhha! SANTA HATS PROCURED!!!

LunarGeography, who is AWESOME!, swung by to pick me up for teh shoppins. I still need fixings for the cookies and I still need fixings for chili. We have our all work parTAY on Tuesday adn I’m bringing chili. I convinced her to go to Plum Market (Jennie’s ice cream! Local! Get out!!!) which was both a boon and kinda stupid. Plum Market is yuppy pricey so I still need peanut butter and M&Ms. They also have a good cheese counter (not as awesome as Whole Foos but as pricey) and I got cheese. What? It jumped in the basket. Besides are YOU going to argue with Kerrygold whiskey cheddar? No you are not. You are going to let whiskey cheddar do whatever it wants because it’s mean and it’ll cut you if you don’t let it into that basket. With its friends stout cheddar, goat goulda and sheep goulda. Also, it may be tasty.

However, in the same complex is a frou-frou pet place that I thought I’d see if they had our fanCAY dried food. They did and…

Hats! Oh we had so much fun with the cats and the hats. The cats didn’t so much. Whatcha gonna do but laugh and take pics?

I whipped up a batch of the Finnish Cardimum cookies for my assistant’s last day and werg is cardimum a weird spice. I was almost regretting making a 4x batch but the cinnamon really reigns in the cardimum. And 4x makes the measurements a bit more even. The cookies came out delish and they are simple enough to make that I might keep them in the cookie rotation. I need to find a better source for cardimum though. $10 a jar is pretty pricey.

A-ppppfffffffflt. Stupid pom puff. PPPPFFFFFLT!

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2009: I reject the idea of boots and am still rocking the clogs. Take that, winter.

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  1. Sean K. Says:

    I can verify that goat gouda is awesome, awesome cheese. We had some earlier this week, in fact.

    As for cardamom, I like to get my herbs and spices in bulk at Whole Foods – I think they’re generally way cheaper that way than buying bottles of spices. Check it out.

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