2011 December Advent Calendar 19

You put your right foot in (the tar)
You take your right foot out (of the tar)
You put your left foot in (the tar) and walk them all about.

I! Have DRUGS!

This danged cold is evil. EVIL! I have not been able to get to bed until the not so wee hours of the morning on account of coughing (getting some excellent reading in though). Today it was an early 4:30 am when I finally dozed off so I called up the doc and whined. They got me in and I got me drugs. Steroids and narcotics yo. Plus Sucrets (and Cepatol, I’m running an experiment) to keep my throat numb. And my tongue and my lips and…but mostly my throat. This coughing business is getting really old. On the other hand, if there is ever an Olympic coughing event I’m in good competition form. I might even be medal material. Oi.

I had more than one coworker come up to me today while I was evicting lung material rather ferociously and ask if I’d been to the doctor yet for it. Nope! But I had an appointment! One of my coworkers even kept asking if I wasn’t going home. How about now? Thought you were leaving? ALL RIGHT! ALL RIGHT! I’m going. See? Apparently this cold going around too because I was checked in, vitaled and talking to the doc in in less that 5 minutes. I was in and out of the examining room too; the doc did a listen and a look and then prescribed me stuff. She says they are calling it adult croup. I say I love my doc! Or maybe I love the awesome cough syrup. Narcotics FTW!

I picked up a giant bag o’ M&Ms at the drug store so now all I have left to get is peanut butter to complete my cookie materials. I am not making any cookies today because I did something new and different instead. I took a nap. A NAP! SLEEEEEEEEEEEP! It was beautiful. In fact, I think I’ll do it again but this time call it sleep! This not coughing so much anymore is a pretty sweet deal.

2010: JSFR: Tan Tan Peanuts with Coffee

2009: JSFR: Caravel Tamarind Candy (hot)

2008: The Parcheesi dice really do look kind of out of focus, probably because they are the oldest set of dice I have. I stole them out of the Parcheesi game of my extreme youth (sorry mom).

2007: Also, there are only two work days plus two weekend days plus a day until Christmas!!!! Big ball of *squeee*, except I don’t yet have all my Christmas stuff done.

2006: And this whole “December Challenge” thing. Who thought THAT up?

2005: Which, if you think about it, is a logical progression because you certainly don’t want sash puke inside the house.

2004: JSFR: Chuel

2003: I just realized that I put the words “bored” and “colors” in the same sentence. Y’all are doomed.

2002: Also, for the record, I always made the Palm Tree stand in the back.

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