Me, I Want A Hula Hoop

Lookie what came in the mail! My sis is AWESOME!!! The thing’s about a long foot tall and in a cute copper bucket. It comes with a strand of 20 tiny lights and…

Itty Bitty ornaments! They are so cuuuuuuuute! And did I mention that my sis rocks? She does. In fact, I think the rest of the week should be “pay homage to boo’s sis because she is the shiznit yo!” week. I second the motion! Make it so!

Y’all say nice things about my sis or I’m going to have to start takin away all them boo points I’ve been giving out. Minus 20 boo points for anyone who says bad things about my sis!

Also, today’s lyrical selection is a very sis tune. For some reason, the Chipmonks Christmas tune makes both of us giggle. “Meeee I want a HOOOOOOOOOLEEEE-HOOOOOOOP!!!!” Sadly, it gives TheMan hives so if you do sing it in homage to my sis, sing it quietly around TheMan.

I also made some seasonal cookies. These are sort of chocolate chip bar cookies with a candy cane hat. They are immensely tasty but a royal pain in the keester to make. Well, not the cookie part because that’s just butter, sugar, egg and flower. Oh, chips too. The evilness comes when you have to smash up a bunch of candy canes. I have been making these fellas for a good double handful of years and I have yet to find anything that will withstand smackin’ candy with a hammer. Inevitably the bag breaks containment and peppermint dust goes everywhere. You get a little more life double bagging but my kitchen was still full of bits of cane.

That’s only pain in the keester part one, though. PITK part II is cutting the damned things. You have to cut them warm, otherwise the candy cane hardens and you get sort of chocolate chip bar cookie brittle. However, cutting candy warm is exceedingly hard to do without it gumming up the knife and making mange tracks in your cookies. You can see the scrapings from clearing the knife hanging out in the bowl. You can also see tonight’s dinner too. Mmmm, peppermint and s’getti sauce.

Cookie mange.

Here’s a little outside pretty for you. It was on the desktop so I decided to throw it in to pad today’s entry. Ooooo, pretty!

Here’s our poor snow bound chimbly.

Vandy sez “meh”.

Hey! Did you know you have something on your head? Hey!

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