A Thankful Friday Five

Everyone’s doing them so I figure why not? Also, it helps with the “entry every day of November” thing or, as I like to call it, NaNoBlowMe.

In no particular order other than this is how I thought of them:

1. I am thankful for friends. I have a moderate amount of friends, both meatspace and online and each one is fun and interesting. I’ll admit I’m not the best at keeping friendships that aren’t immediate – like say locals who I can just ring up to go out with or the Warcraft peeps who are online more or less reliably, but I do treasure each of my friendships. Even the ones which are mostly Facebook blurbits here and there (Hi Dirge and Shar…sorry I am a lame long distance friend). I wish I were better at keeping in contact but I am grateful for all the people I think of as friends.

2. Cats. Specifically our bunch of galloping weirdoes but cats in general are pretty cool. Lately I have become some sort of nap Mecca for the Q kitties so whenever I wake up I’m piled on by all three of them. It’s a nice way to wake up.

3. Cold Nights: Mmm…snuggly chilly weather that makes you hop around when getting into your jammies because Brrrrrr it’s cold! Then zoom under the covers where it will soon be toasty warm. Usually with at least one cat. Hot chocolate or Toddy optional, book for reading divine.

4. Chocolate. I’m on a chocolate kick lately so I will sing my thankful praises of chocolate in many delicious forms. Hot, ice creamed, bar, chips, milk, dark, Asian, cake, but not so much cream soda. And while I’m at it, I am more thankful of good chocolate than bad, but if it was all or nothing, I would tolerate the bad chocolate on account of knowing that there was also good chocolate out there.

5. My reasonably happy life: Yeah, that’s a sort of all encompassing big thankful thing but when I think on it, I have it decently good. I earn a little less than I’d like, am a bit lazier than I want to be but I have a job I don’t hate that pays money I can live on and I’m occasionally creative enough to not be a total lump of uselessness. I have an awesome husband, excellent family, a neat house to live in and a nice yard (that I should take care of better) to…yard in. Yeah, I’m content – with the caveat that if someone wanted to give me lots of money to make everything that much better, I wouldn’t say no.

2010: 1. No pecans were harmed or used in this recipe.

2009: Duct tape actually works pretty well for keeping the rain from seeping through your shoes but a new pair does that much better.

2008: I’m on a mission to find fun new things to cook either in my 3 quart casserole dish or in a 9 x 13 baking pan.

2007: JSFR: Calbee Tuna and Mayonnaise Sticks

2006: Welcome to the triple digit booniverse milestone.

2005: I think he makes a wonderful bimbo. After all, he let everyone smell his meat.

2004: That’s what it boils down to and for kicks and giggles I wonder if all you who voted “Yes please! I do not want same sexed couples to have the right to marry!” would do me a favor. Substitute “black” or “Jew” or “mixed race” or “protestant” or “poor” for “same sexed” and read it to yourself.

2003: I’m just not fast enough in my head to spell out Q…U… before my hand begins impatiently making bumpity-bumps waiting for me to get to the rest of the name.

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