He’s Mister Ten Below

Awwww! Bringing me back to my childhood with this song. *sniff* I even bought both (were there only 2?) Rudolph specials a couple years ago because I’m a dork and have a burning desire to buy all the good stuff that was on TV. Mind you, I haven’t even cracked into the second episode of MacGyver yet but I can! Any time! Why, I could tonight if I wanted to. Yessir! This new fangled technology means I never have to panic when they take something off the air cuz’ it’ll eventually wind upon DVD and I can watch it over and over again.

Although I draw the line at season 4 of X-files. God almighty that was a rough season to get through.

I also went and figured out all the tune lyrics I have been using for titles just because I love you all that much. And I feel for you google impaired people. Your secret’s safe with me, I wont tell anyone that you can’t work the google. Out of the gate and all the way from November 30th is Cake (long Skirt, Short Jacket). Then starting the December carol madness, I lead with We 3 Kings followed by Carol of the Bells and Hark! The herald angles sing. Coming up on the outside was Bring the torch Jeannette Isabella followed closely by I’ll be home for Christmas. The surprise of the day, the dual named Coventry Carol/I’ve actually forgotten the other title and I’m too lazy to look it up. Deal. is making a good run for a position. Then back a ways we have Good King Wenceslas (which Word recognizes, BTW), The Wassail song, Good Christian Men Rejoice, and the chipmunk song. Finally, dead last is today’s song which is….the Snow Miser Song. Now you are up to date. Huzzah!

You’re welcome.

Here is the boo tip for the day. While string beans may be very tasty, and indeed they are, and candy cane chocolate chip cookie doodads may also be very tasty, and THEY are, mixing the two is pretty vile. I’m just sayin.

I almost committed the ultimate crazy and went to The Mall after work. Apparently, or at least on line apparently, one of the majors has the “books” with all the proper criteria that I was looking for the other day. Huzzah! However I was saved by the weather, which is pretty darned crappy.

Well, unless you are making a snowman. It’s beastly to drive in but wonderfully packy out there. It’s one of those fugly snows that is murderously heavy on the back (which is why I only shoveled the walk and not the driveway) but would stick in a righteous snowman ball until spring. Man, that sounds like fun, I ought to go out back and make me a snow fella! You know, if I weren’t already inside and warm and lazy. Maybe I’ll just make myself a glass of hot cocoa and cut straight to the best part of making a snow guy.

Hey! Soups up, gotta go, gotta eat. See ya tomorrow.

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