Weekend Recap

Whew, Grumpy me there. OK, here’s an entry of a little less angst.

Friday was pretty interesting with its three million mile an hour winds and balmy temps of 60 I think. Maybe 70, it was a brand spanking nice day AND I had lunch with TheMan so whatever temp it wound up being it felt very heralding of spring. Ahhhh! Can’t beat that kind of duo team action. Then after work was the mad scramble to get to Sterling Heights and a place called Kart 2 Kart for the 30th birthday party of my brother in law. He races real cars for fun so sis decided to get the whole gang of everyone together for a big go cart racing extravaganza. There were about 40 or so people there, 30 of us who raced. I had the second worse time of the entire group and was not dead last thanks to my mumses. Go mumses! Errr…go a little faster OK?

I learned that I don’t much like go cart racing. Oh, it would be fun to tool around in them but what you had to do to be competitive I was really not getting into. Maybe it’s the fact that I drive a high profile vehicle so I get really nervous when the gs start piling on but I just couldn’t get the car to go while being comfortable going with it. That and the other drivers were being kinda butts about racing (Yeah sis, I’m talking to you! Rear ending me will NOT get me outta your way MmmmKay? Besides, I always took the straight ways wide so you know? TAKE A PILL AND STOP RAMMING ME!). I preferred watching them over all and bowed out of the last race. I tried it, I didn’t like it, good enough. The rest of the party was fun, I stalked Bro in law’s nephew around the big room we were all in much to his delight. Nephew is about 3 (?) and little nephew is 2 I think (vs. little little nephew who was 3 weeks old. Whew, what a tiny baby!) so we had fun harassing them both. At one point in time I was flying little nephew around the room chasing nephew and both kids were having a ball. I can see where kids can be a handful tho, they tired me out after 10 minutes and they were still rarin to go.

Saturday us old farts slept in till after noon because we wuz tired! (oh my aching bones!) so the bathroom project got put on hold until Sunday. I went out and about and around and got some birthday presents and booz and stuff, then came back and took a nap while TheMan did all the prep work on the bathroom we were supposed to have done already. And you know what happened Saturday? Snow! Damn snowflakes falling out of the sky. SNOW! What up with that? I tell you, it was wrong on very many levels. Fortunately it did not stick. Bastard snow.

Sunday was the bathroom remodeling project of doom day. Dirge came over and was clam happy helping with the dry wall and whatnot while I ran errands to get this that or the other. The words for Sunday were “Yay town for having both a Lowes and a Home Depot.” I alternated between the both getting supplies because I just can’t stand going back and back again until the employees start giving you those looks. What, I’m not the one who keeps forgetting stuff. Really! Heh, I now have 65,000 miles on the truck which still has the sticker for the oil change due date in November (which I have not attended to, yeah bad me) at 67,000 miles. So that means since August, when I last got the oil changed I have gone about 1,000 miles. Heh!

Anyway, we have walls! OK, we have mostly walls but still, one whole wall up and three quarters of another and bits of the last walls is no small potatoes. There is still some work to be done around the windows and door and other stuff but it is looking like a bathroom! I am muey excited! *happydance*

We then went to the mumses for a birthday celebration and ate and ate and ate and came home happy. It was a good day but the weekend went too fast. I did get other things done, like more of the laundry (whoo) and all the dishes (be still my heart!) so I felt pretty happy. I think I will take this moment to do a Go Me! dance. *hooo!* and one for TheMan too who worked really hard to make the bathroom look more and more like a bathroom. *hooo!* OK, back.

And how am I rewarded today? Freekin SNOW. This time it stuck too. Bastard snow flakes harshing my spring buzz. I am now officially at war with snow.

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