Raise, Raise The Song On High

This isn’t really one of my favorite carols at all because it’s all “SAVIOR!!!!!” and really sort of sappy. It’s also the type of Christmas tune that they muzak all up and pipe into elevators that get stuck in the middle of department stores. What I do like about it is that it’s another song during the spring/summer/fall. Hey! It’s like the tune has a secret identity. Mild mannered Greensleeves by day, boring muzaked SAVIOR Christmas carol by night. I think it might also have a third rendition in the form of a hymn.

OK, three different sets of lyrics has pushed this tune over into schizophrenic. Or maybe it’s just in the song witness protection program for flipping on the Christmas Carol Mafia. Silent Night has a hit out on Greensleeves so every Christmas it has to go underground. Do you ever hear Greensleeves and Silent Night in the same season?

Anyway, the dual/tri-natured lyrics of this tune is why it’s on the list.

Last night’s awesome snow got rained on and then the temperatures dipped into the freezing range so it was spectacularly beautiful out there this morning. Trees, wires, buildings, you name it all had about two inches of snow glued onto them and the sky was a bright slate gray. The moon was also out hanging around and the whole drive looked like a really pretty Christmas card. It didn’t drive much like a Christmas card though, yow. Slickery. And what’s with people who ride your bumper when it’s nasty out?

Speaking of slikery, I did some more thinks about the snow walk seeings as most of the trip in was on ice. Two things I forgot to mention: Direction and Momentum. All the careful, controlled, flat footing is going to do you no good if you don’t respect the corner. Rule number one about corners or any sudden change in direction while walking on slippery: Don’t. Seriously. You’ll just piss the corner off and it’ll take itself right out from under your feet and then where will you be? Flat on your hinder is where. If you need to negotiate any sort of drastic change in direction remember to slow waaaaaay WAAAAAAAYYYYY down until you start thinking to yourself, “Damn, this is stupid slow” and then slow down a bit more. Make your change of direction nicely, smoothly, almost ponderously and you will have the best chance of avoiding the hinder-meet-tea-kettle-oh-crap!-the-ground syndrome.

The same goes for starting and stopping. Do it nice and slowly both ways and the road will treat you right. In fact, you can also use these hints for driving too. I’m talking to YOU, all y’all ass munch drivers from this morning. Yes I am.

Right! BTW, did y’all catch that today is Friday? But of COURSE you did because all of you have your god (or deity/philosophy of choice) given smarts and have even kept the manual to your plork so you can use it to the best of its ability. You readers are awesome! Anyway, today being Friday means that we only have one more week left of work and then we are FREE! I might even start an hourly countdown Monday morning because day-um! While December has whooshed by quite quickly, the hours from 8-5 Monday-Friday have not. Not at all. Sometimes I wonder if time has stopped for good when I’m sitting at work in the afternoon and four hours have past between when the clock read 2 and 2:30. Gah. Add to that the whole HOLIDAY BAZOO and it’s been a trying week before the last week.

It’s also the last weekend left to get your Christmas shopping done. I only have one more gift to wrangle but that gift is located (as best as I can figure out) at The Mall. I’m really going to attempt a trip there early Sunday morning to get the last remaining gift. Wish me luck!

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The year before at the booniverse: I did do all the dishes and nearly all the laundry, wrapped the remaining Christmas Presents, went shopping (at 9:30 in the morning, thankyouverymuch) and ran another load of stuff over to TheMan’s friends house so I’m not feeling too bad about accomplishments.

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