Japanese Snack Food Review: Sweet Potato Cookies


These cookies came highly recommended to us by Scott H. They also came from my Second Newest Favorite Asian Grocery Store over on the north part of the west side. They also also came BOGO (buy one, get one) so everybody got to try a yam cookie and then some. Yam cookies for everyone!

The first thing I want to point out, which the pic may or may not illustrate clearly, is the packaging paper which is in texture and color, rather reminiscent of fireworks. Check out the sweet taters all huddled around the…ahh…whatever it is that they are huddled around. Do they not look like some sort of smoke bomb or large snapper? And the bright magenta and vibrant yellow just screams firework packaging. At least to more than one Guinea pig it did. Plus pea points? Minus pea points? Let’s call it an “Interesting potato cookie factoid” and move on.

The cookies look a lot like fried wantons but with less crispy friedness. If you could find a LaChoy chow mein noodle that was flat and about one inch by two inches, this would totally be it. They have a nice chow mein noodle crunch, which is to say that they are crunchity with a liiiiiiiiiiitle bit of crackery chew to them as well. You know, that sinking into the cracker feeling which isn’t exactly crunch, isn’t stale but something uniquely crackery. Tell you what, go get a Ritz and munch on it a bit and you’ll get it. Anyway, the cookies fall somewhere around 7 in the 10 scaled crunch ruler.

After the crunchity, there is a nice sweet you might notice. Might because it’s not the sweety sweet of a cookie but a much sweeter taste than even some of the sweet crackers I know. It’s really a rather refreshing sweet, just enough to offset the crackery aspect of the cookie. Badmovie commented that they tasted like a popsicle stick, but in a good way. By that, he means the wooden ones and apparently the wooden ones after the popsicle is gone but some of the flavor has still stuck around on the stick. He says it’s good, DQ backed him up, I’m not arguing.

The only thing they don’t have going for them is the yam. There is a slight yammy taste, but not enough to off put any of you yam haters out there. Considering they are billed as Sweet Potato Cookies, this does not bode well for them and I’m going to have to dock some pea pointage. They also have a very slight processed aftertaste. Enough to dock pea points? Maybe, but it’s not overly noticeable; 2 out of 4 Guinea Pigs discovered this after eating almost the entire box. You decide.

The Pigs and I were in a quandary about the rating. On one hand, Sweet Potato Cookies are quite tasty and munchable with fun packaging and not too many minuses. On the other hand we didn’t think they really measured up to the other 4 pea rated snack foods. We’d have given them a 3.75 pea rating if the system was designed in quarter pea increments but it’s not. Thus, we settled for a


of 3.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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