Tore Open The Shutters, Threw Open The Sash

Actually, I’ve never heard the tune to this one; I’m more familiar with it as a story. BUT! I found it on a carol site so in it goes. Have any of you ever heard this when you were out and about? Anyone? Buehller?

I wanted to mention that this poem/carol gives me the giggles. It does a great job of channeling my inner five year old because I always read the lyric line “Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash”. Which, if you think about it, is a logical progression because you certainly don’t want sash puke inside the house. It kind of reminds me of the time my cousin and I snuck rum balls from downstairs at my Uncle’s place and had us a little pre-holiday feast in his bedroom. Everything was going well until my cousin realized they were rum balls, which he loathed, so he bolted to the window, wrenched it open and proceeded to puke out rum ball down the roof line.

Also, does anyone ever read the line as “laying a finger inside his nose”? No? Well…hrm.

Either you people are lying or you’ve all killed your inner five year old.

Wait! What’s that clatter? Could it be the imminent sound of a weekend recap? Why yes, I think it is! I’ll start with saying that I went to The Mall and lived to tell the tail. Booyaw! Of course TheMan and I only went into Sears to look at dishwashers for the condo and then I went solo to another store to get the “books” that I wanted. Sadly, they had the “books” sorta but not ALL of the “books”. I wound up with “book’ one and two and will have to mail order “book” three. This concludes the shopping season of 2005.

Being in holiday spirit, I got out all the Christmas presents from their hidey holes and made people piles of all the gifts on the bed. *squeeee* I love Christmas. I started with a Sis and hubby pile, went to Mumses and Mr. Paul, Grandma Minnie, the Great Aunt, Rob, Joel and the gang, DQ, MomQ and ended with DadQ. The prezzies made a wonderful ring around the whole bed. WHEEEE! I then got out the paper and accoutrements for wrapping and…

I have no idea. Maybe dinner was ready? Something called me away, and then something else happened, and then another something until it was midnight and time for bed. Except there were piles of prezzies all over. Whoops. I moved them, in their discrete piles, into the small room but failed to wrap anything. The whole weekend. Guess what’s happening tonight? WHEEEEEE!

I am possibly running on too little sleep here.

Saturday we played some WoW and went floundering about in a New! Zone! which was, again, way too tough for Tan (wonder Gnome Extraordinaire!). It was still pretty fun, I drove the gnome around picking herbs (tasty high level ones too…even ones too high a level to pick! Whoot!) and dodging teeth. Gnome sure is tasty. Afterwards, TheMan and I cleaned house in preparation for a Smithee movie watching night and Margarita-off. We got a bucket-o-booze and a bottle of mixer and made both up. There were pros and cons but both are equally tasty. We also picked up some Smitheetastic munchies:

Ginger kids. That cracks me up.

The red and green are lime and strawberry respectfully. Yeah, weird. They tasted…ahhhh…sugary. And red. And green!

We watched Terror Firma, which was ineligible because it was a comedy but a movie Badmovie really wanted to see, and some other one that I’m completely blanking on. TheMan picked it from a whole pack of other movies I would rather have seen so I think I did a core memory dump. There is only so much storage room in the plork. OH! Wait. Shriners. It’s all coming back. Bad plork, no biscuit: empty the trash next time! Anyway, the movie was called Abraxis and starred Jessie Ventura and a pack of other people and took place over five years in a Minnesota that never had spring, summer or fall save for one scene. I guess it takes a lot of time for those 1000 flakes to melt.

Sunday we played more WoW but the horde side this time. It was the standard WoW, we did stuff, got exp, got chair ass. The usual. I almost set the kitchen on fire making lunch, which was pretty exciting (and not the usual) but everything turned out OK and the food was pretty tasty. The gyoza package instructions say to fry up the gyoza in oil and then add water (but carefully!!!) and steam, which I’ve done before. What I hadn’t done before is fry up a bag that had been sitting in the freezer for long enough to gather ye together some ice crystals. So, right off the bat, and when I wasn’t prepared for it, the fry pan erupted in a spectacular shower of angry oil all over the place. Yow! And also Ow!

If you have a chance to fry gyoza in a hot chili oil/olive oil mix, I’d suggest trying that. They were the yum! But watch for ice crystals; flying hot chili oil aint fun. I’m just sayin.

The evening was taken up by some Stargate SG-1 season 8 action and laundry, a bit of the Law&Order: SVU marathon and then bed. We live the life!

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