Hurrah For Fun; The Pudding’s Done

Hurrah for the pumpkin pie!

You gotta respect a song that has so much enthusiasm for pudding and pie. That’s my kind of tune. I never knew that this was a Christmas tune either because I only know the first verse, which doesn’t say anything about why they are going to grandma’s house. Later you find out that Christmas is the occasion and there is festiveness, including pudding (hooray!) and pie (huzzah).

Speaking of food, you weekend JSFRers will have to watch a little extra carefully these next two weeks to get your snack food fix. I decided rather than short you the reviews, because the big holidays (eve and day) fall on JSFR Saturday and Sunday, I’m going to randomly intersperse a JSFR or two during the week. Keep them JSFR crack eyes open!

OK! I got about fifteen minutes of break time to crank this out so here it goes. YAY SAST!!

I. Am. Toast. Remember how I mentioned that I was running on too little sleep yesterday? I was, truly. Sunday night TheMan and I looked at the clock (while we were watching the Law&Order: SVU marathon) and said, “Gosh! It’s 11. We ought to get to bed. Yup. WHEEEEE! 11!” Then we watched the reveal, which means you have to watch the whole show (which we did) until suddenly it was midnight. Gosh! It’s midnight. We ought to go to bed! Yup. WHEEEEEE! Midnight. Then 1am rolled around and we said “Gogh! It’s….” Well you get the picture. We were a little alarmed that we were not at all tired at 1:30 but we troopered off to bed anyway. Maybe got to sleep by 2?

Yesterday I was the toast, so I said to myself, “Self, we need to go to bed early.” My self agreed whole heartedly so plans were made to retire about 9 or 10. Plans were also made to do the laundry and start the present wrapping but there was plenty of time to get everything in nicely. At 8 I started in on the laundry changeover and present wrapping gathering and by 9 I was In! The! Zone!

I officially hate wrapping.

It took me until MIDNIGHT to wrap just half the presents. Half. HALF! This means I have just as much to go the next wrapping session as I had done last night. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! Next year, y’all are getting one gift certificate for the whole family. Wrapping sucks. Although Little Kitty’s help was rather amusing. She took off all stealth like with one of Mr. Paul’s prezzies because it had curling ribbon on it and she is curling ribbon’s bitch. That cat can not leave curling ribbon unchewed if it even exists accessible somewhere in the same county. So while I was cranking out the pretty prezzies, she was checking out the growing pile on the floor, trying to decide which was her favorite. Then when I yelled at her she paused, present dangling from her mouth with a look of ‘What? Me?’ on her face.

Tonight I plan to wrap some more presents, but not all of them ‘cuz that’s just the crazy, cook some squash, finish the laundry, do some dishes and maybe start the packing process. I also have tomorrow and Thursday to get all this done so I might just collapse in a puddle of goo and whimper all night long instead. We’ll see. For now, I gotta go because my time is up. Ciao.

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