O Tidings Of Comfort And Joy

There is something about songs with “O” in them that make them seem extra specially special. I don’t know why, but to me that “O” lends a solemn weight of seriousness to the tune. Lo! For this tune is special! It containeth the sacred “O”.

Of course, it could be that I’m on crack.

O tidings of carols and songs! I just wanted to let y’all know that on Monday of this week, I spent my entire lunch hour scouring for cool carols, snippiting lines from them and setting up entries for the rest of the month. Yup, I made draft forms for 13 entries all because I was getting tired of having to go looking for a carol when I wanted to post something. In the true tradition of booniverse laziness, I created all 13 entries at once so I didn’t have to do that carol thing every! single! time!

I am very proud of that particular fact of laziness.

The only problem with my dive into blogging slothatude is that the main page only shows the latest 10 entries, including any and all entries that I may have in draft form. The entire rest of the year and two buffer JSFRs are currently in draft form, so I’ve had to go the round about way to get to this entry instead of the lazy, easy click from the 10 latest list. I don’t get to see the current blog entry until Christmas eve. Hrrmph. BUT! I don’t have to hunt up any more carols so I decree that I am ahead of the game. Huzzah!

O tidings of wrapping and gifts! I handed the wrapping reigns over to TheMan last night and he finished up the rest of the prezzies! Sort of. We found another prezzie sitting on the dresser (which I cleaned off in order to put up the nativity scene. What? There’s still time!) and Dirge, Shar and the kid’s prezzies in the same general area. Oops. Hey guys, think of them as holiday presents for that holiday sometime between Christmas and New Years. I hate to be a conformist. Anyway, we got everything in two travel boxes (one for near north and one for the far north) and do not have to do anything more with the presents (save the few stragglers I mentioned)! Huzzah!

Christmas. Bring it on!

O tidings of packing and chores! We. Are. All. Packed. I dragged out the big suitcase and a travel duffel and stuffed them with winter warmies (and undies!) for the Q Family Traveling Christmas Show. I still have a pair of socks to cram into the duffel (TheMan had just four pairs of socks to his name yesterday until I realized the current load of wash was about 50% TheMan socks. Naturally, I was too lazy to open up the bags and put the socks in when they came upstairs so I’ll just chuck them in tonight) and that one Christmas prezzie that was hiding on my dresser can hitch a ride in the big suitcase, but that’s pretty darned packed in my book.

OH! Books. Gotta remember to throw a couple in the bag for reading.

The Horde took a beating last night as well, thanks to TheMan. I was off sleeping because I never did catch up from earlier this week, but TheMan came through and put the smack down on the Horde. There is just one load left which I can crank out tonight and then? Fini! Tomorrow we should just have to pack up the last minute toiletries, the cats, the presents and zoom!

O tidings of kitties on crack! While wrapping on…Tuesday? Whenever it was that I decided I had HAD ENOUGH! Isaak took off with a tasty present all dangly with the ribbonage. Those crazy cats love them some curling ribbon. I don’t know whose present it was, other than a present bound for North of North. I eventually got it back but if one of you happens to get a present with a chewed looking ribbon, that’s just the kitties showing their appreciation for the holiday. We also stupidly left the present boxes (the standard Xerox box) a leeeeeeeeetle too close to the coffee table, where we were wrapping last night. We also also happened to have stupidly left the Department gift for TheMan’s holiday shindig on the coffee table, which was just an easy cat’s reach from the Xerox present boxes. When we woke up in the morning, the present was still there but the bow had gone AWOL. Silly kitties.

Another silly kitty award went to the Little Kitty last night when she crawled into my sock drawer and promptly fell asleep. The dresser sits over the heating vent so one of the cats’ favorite places to sit is right in front of the dresser when the heat is on. The hot air hits the underside of the dresser and shoots out the bottom and warms up their cat butts. It also probably makes the room smell like cat ass but it keeps them happy and Isaak quiet. That alone is worth the waft of cat ass. Anyway, eventually, the bottom three drawers, which includes the sock drawer, get all nice and snuggly warm and what better place for a harangued Little Kitty to catch some Zs than in the slightly open sock drawer where Isaak can’t fit? She was there for several hours too until the heat kicked off for the night.

O tidings of things to do! We have a couple things to prep for tomorrow, like bean salad for the Christmas shindig and some goodies to bring in for the last day of work and a few little things to get wrapped up before we are done with all that we need to get done. We might even have some time to play WoW!

Man, Christmas is almost here, isn’t it? *squeeee*

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