Morgen Werden Wir Uns Freu’n


The Mumses Christmas tree for 2005. No Angie tree topper, just a pointy glass thing. But! Look at the prezzies!! This doesn’t include my sis’s presents as she had not yet arrived when I got my camera freak on.

Morgen, Kinder, wird’s was geben,
Morgen werden wir uns freu’n!
Welch ein Jubel, welch ein Leben
Wird in unsrem Hause sein!
Einmal werden wir noch wach,
Heisa, dann ist Weinachtstag!
Tomorrow, children, just wait!
Tomorrow we’ll rejoice!
What joy, what life
there’ll be in our house!
Suddenly we’ll wake,
hurrah, then it’s Christmas Day!
Wie wird dann die Stube glänzen
Von der großen Lichterzahl!
Schöner als bei frohen Tänzen
Ein geputzter Kronensaal!
Wißt ihr noch, wie voriges Jahr
Es am heil’gen Abend war?
How the room will gleam
from the many lights!
Nicer than at happy dances
a decorated royal hall!
Do you remember what last year
was like on Christmas Eve?
Wißt ihr noch die Spiele, Bücher
Und das schöne Schaukelpferd,
Schöne Kleider, woll’ne Tücher,
Puppenstube, Puppenherd?
Morgen strahlt der Kerzen Schein,
Morgen werden wir uns freu’n.
Do you remember the games, books,
and the nice hobby horse,
pretty clothes, woolen scarves,
doll house, doll kitchen stove?
Tomorrow the candles will shine,
tomorrow we’ll rejoice.

Here’s today’s song in its entirety along with the English translation. I figured most of my reading audience doesn’t speak German so there you go. Merry Christmas y’all! (P.S. Lyrics and translation borrowed from This Site if you feel the need to go peruse other German carols. I only know three, this is one. You’ve been warned!)

(P.P.S. – or P.S.P.S. or P.S.S. I love the fact that this song is basically “YAY STUFF!” I can relate.)

Onto the pictogloriousness that is me going bazoo with the camera. Hey, I had to do something to occupy my time other than wondering what we were getting for Christmas. Ergo, pictures!

My mumses does mostly a glass sparkly shiny! Tree with such critters as this fella-


And a few of these (which I painted myself!) or its plainer brethren just to make the tree sparklier.

Like this one. Oooooooo!

Or metal shiny.

This ornament is the oldest ornament I own, although it has never migrated with me in the years I’ve been on my own. Mumses has tried to send it along but I’ve never had a tree and it seemed sad to come home to the tree at mumses without my ornament sitting at the very top. As long as I can remember, this ornament has been hung at the top of the tree and that’s a long time…

Check it out: 1975. I’ve had this ornament since kindergarten when my teacher (Mrs. Beier) gave all of us five year olds one of these. I have no idea how it has survived intact for 30 years but it has.

In every batch you get someone who thinks they are the next Ansel. What? Heh. I just really liked the way this looked in a picture Christmas card kind of way so you get to eyeball it too. Yourwelcome.

These are the baskets that hang on the tree and are full of goodies and usually a check. The best part about the baskets is that we forget about them a lot of the time so just when we think Christmas is done…OOOOOOooooOOOO! Baskets!

…and then there are the good double handfuls of plushie bears hanging out on the tree. Why? I don’t know. You are going to have to ask the mumses on that one.

And of course, the tree isn’t complete without the ornament we refer to as “The Spirit of Christmas”. Yes, that is a mother beating the tar out of her kid. It’s always been quite an amusement in our family and this year as I was trying to get a good pic (as mumses usually hides it in the back of the tree so I had to fenagle it about some), I discovered that the glue holding the kid on finally dried up enough to release him from his yearly switching. For the first time ever, the kid was free! Well, until I stuck him precariously back onto his momma’s lap for a pic.

This is the dinner plate to the Christmas setting I got for my mumses. Why then am I holding it on Christmas eve, you may ask (for if you read yesterday’s entry you would know that the boo family does not open any gifts before Christmas (and yes, my sis asked again this year)). Well. See, remember my talking about the “books” I was trying to find? They were actually plates and I found that Waechtersbach made a set of Holiday plates which I knew were THE PLATES to get my mumses. I’ve always really liked Waechtersbach stuff because they have a distinctive glazing thing going on and when I found out they did plates I immediately looked for a place I could get them locally (since it was much too late to get them via mail order). Marshall Fields had them so we zoomed the zoom of zooming up there the Friday before Christmas weekend. Sadly, everyone bought out all the dinner plates, both red on white and white on red. I was sad. I bought the salad plate and the mug anyway and decided I’d just get the dinner plate on-line and explain as part of the present that a dinner plate would be on its way shortly. I even ordered it late Wednesday evening to ensure it would arrive after Christmas seeings as they said it would take 3-5 business days to process and ship out. Piece of cake, I thought, I wont even tell mumses to not open the package that was coming in the mail because 3-5 business days would put the package arrival sometime around Tuesday and, most importantly, after Christmas. Plenty of time!

All I want to say to the person at Waechtersbach who busted tail to process and ship my order next day scooty scoot on Thursday just to get it there in time for Christmas is…ummmm, thanks. Sorta. I’m completely amazed and utterly flabbergasted that you went the extra mile and got it out, and also I was completely boggled when my mumses asked about the plate. Plate? She couldn’t be talking about the plate I had just ordered for all practical purposes the day before? Indeed she was. Ahhhh, yeah. That. Merry Christmas mumses! It all worked out well because we had an extra place setting and when my mumses said to TheMan and I that our mission was to find the rest of the set we said “We’d get right on that”. Heh.

Here’s the table of eclectic settings.

And Lucy enjoying the tablecloth as a cape.

We had quite a lot of fun just sitting around and gabbing. I found out that you do have to watch my sis if there happens to be a bag of those pinecones that are supposed to burn pretty colors. Most people throw one or two in. Not my sis.

She gets as many on a log as she can fit. Mumses and Mr. Paul burn the pre wrapped logs in their fireplace so there are no ashes to put the cones in. So, we had to balance them on top of the log. My sis had way too much fun me thinks.

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