On Christmas Day In The Morn


Merry Christmas (or whatever holiday you prefer to be wished happy for) to all y’all out there. Regarding today’s tune, all I want to say is that it’s a weird, weird song. In the spirit of Christmas, I’ll give you the title because I want to point out how weird it is. This is “The Holly and the Ivy” but if you read the lyrics it’s more like, “Blah blah Holly, blah blah YAY HOLLY! Blah blah Holly blah blah which reminds me of Christ blah blah holly blah blah holly. Oh, and some ivy. Maybe.” Really, the only time ivy is ever mentioned is in the title lyric (which it has to share with holly). The lyrics are also sort of strange because they describe aspects of holly and then relate then to Christ. Weirdly.

OK, you know how there are some people that will connect just about anything in order to get some blathering time? “Monkey poo? Why that reminds me…” That is totally this song. Check this out: “The holly bears a blossom/As white as lily flower/And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ/To be our sweet Saviour.” OoooKay then. Holly is to flowering as Mary is to Jesusing I suppose. To make it even weirder, after the holly/Jesus couplet pairs there is a refrain I can’t even begin to relate back: “O the rising of the sun/And the running of the deer/The playing of the merry organ/Sweet singing of the choir.” That doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Christ, other than you can have angelic choirs (which are rarely depicted playing an organ). The notes say it was a pagan tune revamped, but I say not too well. However, it makes me happy so here it is on the cool carol lists.

I think this will be a short entry today soas y’all can get back to doing your thing. So! Here’s a couple of pretty pics that have been loafing about on my desktop. Enjoy.

One chilly chimbly full view. I don’t think we’re going to be burning anything in the near future.

Icicles from our front porch.

Christmas dogs.

Slug Bug Ornament

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