Japanese Snack Food Review: Just Black Choco Wafer Roll


I was making a run for TheMan’s Guest Sunday JSFR blog to get him more Hello Boss (on account of he drank all of the first batch) when I saw these critters hanging out. Tasty crunchy filled cookies? Count me in. BUT! There were also a string of other critters in a similar vein (i.e. rolled up crunchy cookie with goop in the inside) from a totally different manufacturer that had the same flute thing going on. Weird. Is this some Japanese transcendual (new word!) rolled up goopy crunchy cookie thing where they also have to dub as flutes? Sort of a deep ingrained cultural urge that has them all thinking of flutes when they bite down on a rolled up goopy crunchy cookie? I may point out that this is not a purely Japanese thing either, incase you were getting your giggles on. These sorts of things sneak up on a people, creeping its way into the very subconscious of a nation. Take sandwich cream cookies. When was the last time you sat down to snack on a few of these where you didn’t unscrew at least one? See? Insidious.

Anyway, back to the flute cookies. I want to give a shout out to the packaging because I love the simplicity of it. Black/white/product-wala. I also like the crossover of black lines into the solid black territory or vice versa. It works for me and is part of the reason I picked these up. I also noticed, after I got them home, that the back is printed 90 degrees off from the front yet the characters stay relatively relative to the dimension change. Whaaaaaaat? In short terms, they had to use two different printed versions because the black-white border cuts the picture differently on each side. Cooooool. At least from a packaging perspective. Pea points!

I do have to ask about the picture…what’s going on? Is the guy wearing an army helmet? And what’s up with his kinda evil squinty eyes? It he pied piping…dogs? I totally am lost with respect to interpreting this.

The cookies themselves I did absolutely fine with. Mmmmm. They seem to be something like Pepperidge Farm pirouettes but with a chocolate cookie and white filling. Maybe not a chocolate chocolate as Americans have come to know chocolate but more a dark cocoa chocolate. It’s not overly sweet yet it is nicely cocoay dark. Oh, and there is also a keen blond stripe that spirals up the cookies which is not chocolate. It’s actually the outer edge of the chocolate cookie which is pretty cool from a manufacturing standpoint. Seems to me it would be easier to stripe a blond stripe on rather than make sure the outer cookie edge didn’t get chocolated. Maybe? Well, I thought it was cool.

Plus, they crunch. Oh do they crunch so very nicely and delicately. I was actually surprised by the fragileness of the cookie, they just seem to break right apart with almost no effort when you crunch them yet they delivered a nicely crunchity crunch. They were also rather robust for such a delicate cookie; none of them were broken at all in my package and it had to travel home with 9 cans of coffee drink. I think they get some structural support from the gooey inside.

Which brings us to the gooey inside, which was surprisingly gooey. We all were expecting the solidish chocolate Pirouette inside but this was more the consistency of stiff frosting. There was also a lot less of it inside than we expected, but again I think we were all making Pirouette comparisons and these are not they. The inside is not only frosting like in texture but it is sweety sweet like frosting, which is somewhat overpowering on its own (I managed to separate a smidge from its cookie cocoon). However when coupled with the quasi-bitter cocoa chocolate of the rolled cookie it’s the perfect blend. All the Guinea Pigs liked the cookies quite a lot so given the neat packaging and the darned fine taste, I’m going to give these a


of 4.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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