Japanese Snack Food Review: Flute Wafers (coconut)


And again with the flute theme but this time it’s a different company. Persistence of flute, except Golden Time’s little package mascot looks more like he’s eating the cookie stick rather than playing it. That’s better in my book because these snack foods don’t carry much of a tune at all. They don’t even kazoo well.

What they DO do well is crumble. They are really crunchy and flakey and very very light. So much so that if you happen to have one in your mouth while you are…say setting up a picture, you will find that after the first crunching you are shooting small bits of cookie out the end of the stick as you work. Heh! Fun! (but messy) Pea points for the light crunchity!

After the light crunchy there is a nice coco-well no. The coconut comes out before the crunchy because the package lead with a whiff of coconut when I opened it up. Co-co-nut! I was almost wondering if the coconut would overpower the light cookie but pleasantly it doesn’t. Normally I’d say that not delivering the coconut after promising so much would be grounds for pea deduction but in this case it works for the cookie. The coconut flavor is nicely balanced by the light crunch. Mmmm!

I liked these cookies. I liked them a lot. The only thing I was a little disappointed about was the cookie stripe. In last week’s cookie there was a demarked stripe. These cookies? Well the package might lead one to believe that the same cool cookie stripe is here too but take a look see at the actual cookie. Not so much. It’s just a little nit, so I’ll give them a


of 4 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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