King of Kings

For! Ev! Er!
And Ev! Er!

What would Christmas be without some mention of Handel’s Messiah? Probably quieter but certainly less rich in choral grandeur. This is the king of all choral heavy songs; like the boss level tune which wins you the whole game if you manage to defeat it. Or something.

I actually like seeing the Messiah performed in concert (the abridged version, I’ve never seen the full-out piece performed but I don’t think my ass or ears or plork for that matter could take the complete start to finish Messiah without some sort of irreparable damage). It has some interesting things to say (hence the weird presentation of the lyrics above) both vocally as well as musically. If you haven’t heard it, I suggest you give it a listen.

For we like sheep!

Anyway, I have a pack of tasty pics from the trip up north (eh) to unload on y’all today. We left the lower peninsula at noonish on the 26th after the weirdest church service I’ve had the…privilege? to attend. Grandma Minnie wanted us to go to the service at the home with her so we did and got to listen to a very merry evangelistic after Christmas sermon and singing. The pastor was an unlikely cross between Jimmy Swaggart and Carl Sagan and preached to us in that strange sing-song patter a tried and true evangelist is born to.

“Ayund. In-ah. THE begging-ah. There-ah was the Universe-ah. Ayund the Universe-ah had a miyund-ah.” It was also a very weird service for an old folks home, sort of ‘We’re all going to die sooner or later’ type sermon. Well, OooKay then…I think all the residents are pretty darned aware that death is an inevitability, no need to rub it in there. Hrrrm.

On to the pics!

Every year I take a pic of the bridge head on (probably because that’s when I think to start snapping them) but this year I got this pic of the approach. I never realized that the expressway snuck up on the bridge from the side then did a swoosh and wiggle to approach it head on. So here you go, side on bridge. Huzzah!

This year Isaak almost made it more than an our into the trip before freaking the hell right out. He got him the good kitty drug treatment and spent the rest of the trip more or less like this. Clicky the pic to see a movie I took of him, it’s worth at least a couple of minutes of pure entertainment. Twice he tried to negotiate the cat bed to cat-mom lap route only to wind up more or less pouring himself over my shoulder and flopping onto my lap. Once he spent the rest of his lap stay proclaiming his misery to my underarm until I poured him back into the cat bed. He did a head first face plant underneath the blanket corner and did not come up for about 45 minutes. Poor kitty.

These things are all over the shore line of Lake Michigan. I call them fumaroles, I think they are what happens if your shore is frozen but the lake is still active and trying to wave its way onto the beach. I am told that they are hollow and can be open at the top where the wave action finally breaks through. I just think they look neat.

For most of the trip the Little Kitty hung out in her kitty carrier but once or twice she had to make sure we were doing the driving right. You can’t trust anything with an opposable thumb.

We arrived around 6:30 to discover that the Qs had redone the locks to the house. Whoops. No worries, we had books on tape and plowed through another hour of Harry Potter before the Qs arrived. Then we unloaded and had the Marquette Christmas.

Check it out! The Qs won this at a silent auction and gave it to TheMan and I. It’s a cool wicker basket with a complete Japanese dish set (including a multitude of sake servers and sake service for six. Whoooo! Another sake set! This makes…5 now? BUT! Our first service for six). Annnnnnnnd…

Topping it off was a whole pack of JSF and other assorted goodies. That box and stubby bottle fella with all the esoteric shit written on it is sake (yes, Rob was over. He said if you ever find sake without a bunch of esoteric shit written all over it, don’t get it because it’ll be no good. Your Rob Japanese epicurean public service announcement for the day). There are also some spices and yakatori sauce and nori and other assorted strange things. Very cool indeed.

Every so often you find the strangest things hanging out in the tree next to you.

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