The Sturdy Kind That Doesn’t Mind The Snow

Today’s title works for horses or boots and seeing as we were geocaching and not going to grandmother’s house, we were all about the boots.

Yes, we went out geocaching today, in the cold and snow. What can I say? These yoopers are the crazy! If you remember last year we started geocaching on New Year’s Day so I guess it’s par for the course, but at this moment there is a boo who still hasn’t warmed up yet from tromping around in the snow. Brrrrrrrrr. I even had my fancy shmancy Christmas socks on from the Qs that were supposed to be the be-all and end-all of outside activity socks. My feet were sooooo cold by the time we came back from the second cache that I thought they were never going to unfreeze. Next time I’m wearing my buffalo socks!

Oh yes, there will be a next time. We bought up Do and Don’t, our devil duckie travel bugs to release on the start of the new year.

Today, however, we just hit two caches. Above is the first one which didn’t take too much looking for. Again, I was burbling about looking at the shiny things while everyone else found the cache. I am hopeless! But at least I got some documentation!

Our second cache was somewhere in here. Where? I have no clue, there’s about 4 inches of SNOW ON THE GROUND! It’ll have to wait until spring when we come back up for the grand Memorial Day upping and the snow has quit the area for good. What sort of crazy people go geocaching in the snow?

It does make for pretty pics though, the trip wasn’t a total loss.

These three trees must have all gone down bingity bang together. They were pretty neat all stacked up on top of each other like that, sort of a pick up trees thing going on. Still not finding the cache, but look! Three stacked trees.

Still looking…

…and looking…

Oooo! Shiny roots!

Eventually we gave up and headed back to the car. This is a pic of the trail and the snow covered planks that keep one from stepping into the stream/swamp/OPEN WATER on either side (the dark patches on the right are water holes, in case you were wondering). You can see by the bazillions of boot prints that we are not the only crazies walking out in the snowy park and you can also see that it’s not terribly intuitive at times where the planks actually are.

While puttering around I noticed a ton of game trails. I don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere where there were game trails. Sure the occasional bunny trail or deer tracks would appear on the snow but a whole trail where a multitude of critters traversed? Not where I’ve ever lived (unless you count the trails the neighborhood cats beat underneath my truck).

We drove home where I tried to take a nap under 3 bazillion blankets but was still too chilly. Eventually I went and got a hot cup of tea, my buffalo socks and my slips and sat in front of the fire. Now, I’m almost warm…almost.

And now for a little fun feather Zen action, starring The Little Kitty:





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