Their Old Familiar Carols Play


Happy New Year!

OK, I’ll admit that I’m post dating this, but I wanted to get our sake toast in and we toasted at midnight. Then I went to bed. I’m getting old y’all!

So! What did the Q family do on the last day of 2005? Why geocache, of course! One of Mom and DadQ’s caches needed some maintenance so we zoomed out, located it and then retrieved it for repairs. Us kidlet Qs went and did the finding which we did without much cheating at all…of course we knew it was an old Skippy jar since DadQ told us about it when he was making it, but other than that, we used our wits!

OK, most of us used our wits while one of us got caught by the skiboard punks shiny. I never even made it down to the cache area because these three…errrr…young but adventurous adults were doing that skate board hoopla with skis down the stairs. Take a look!




Those crazy kids! And you want to hear the sad thing? I was so focused on trying to get the camera to take a bazillion pics in a row so I could show y’all the skiboard punks that I forgot I could have made a movie of them. GAH! Sometimes the shiny! just eats my brain.

After retrieving the Qs cache, we went to one out by some trails. As usual I boogered around taking pics …

(picturesque, no? There are a ton more Hallmark snow pics but I’ll let you off with just this one)

so the credit for finding the cache goes to MomQ this time. Here’s MomQ with the cache which had a postcard pic from the William Shakespeare Library. We didn’t take it; I think we nabbed a frog from this cache. We also nabbed a very cool travel bug:

This is the travel bug…

and these are the instructions. It sounds like a pretty cool retirement thing, puttering around after your travel bug and then going to all the places. We are thinking of stopping off at Fort Michilamanaiak (I have no idea. Hold on, I’ll google it…ah. Michilimackinac. I was close!) and getting a squished penny for the set.

A squished penny from Boot Hill.

And one from Huntsville. You also might be able to see a corner of a penny from the Alamo.

Here’s evidence of TheMan gettin all jiggy with the snow on top of a spinny hub thing. Hypnosnow! Yes, I had fun spinning the hub and yes, I managed to get a movie of the snow (which I didn’t upload). No skiboard punks but spinny snow? I’m all over that. Hrumph.

Then it was off to a cache by the welcome center called Lakeview. It was getting dark but lo!

We weren’t the only crazies out in the snow beating trails hither, thither and yon. These people tromped part of the way to the cache but they either didn’t find it or had another agenda. We, however, were victorious!

The kudos for finding this one go to DQ. Again, I was snapping pics of stuff. I have decided I’m the official documentarian of these little jaunts ‘cuz I certainly wasn’t finding much of anything other than pretty pics. Ooooo! Shiny!

Mmmm! Military grade chocolate beverage. This was one of the goodies in the second cache (we left it behind for someone with a more adventurous culinary spirit). I don’t remember what we took, but there was another travel bug in the second cache so we nabbed it. DQ has it in her findings and I suppose sometime in the next week or two we/she will go geocaching and release it downstate.

After the fun in the waning sun and snow, we headed home for SPLIT PEA WITH HAMMM SOUP!!! I made the stock and softened the peas the day before and crammed all the other goodies in the soup that morning. The whole kit and caboodle burbled on the stove all day so by the time we got home, the soup was on! Heh. MomQ made cheesy biscuits and we ate the best soup and cheesy biscuits ever in the history of soup and cheesy biscuits. Actually, it was probably a pretty good soup but I have been craving split pea with hammm for months so it knocked it up to freekin’ fantastic. The biscuits were really actually that good. Mmmm, biscuits.

Afterwards we lounged around until the eight o’clock showing of King Kong, puttered out to catch the show and got back in time to get settled in with sake for the New Year. Provost! Or whatever. Thus concludeth 2005, the December challenge and the naming of the titles with lyrics. Have a good 2006 y’all.

This cat has had a little too much happiness already.

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