Happy Happy 2006!


The world’s happiest cat wishes you a scritchie new year.

Hallo hallo! Welcome 2006 and all that. I’d like to report that we ate shrimp and were the lazy as per last year buuuuut New Year’s Day falls on a Sunday and the Rose Bowl and parade pageantry don’t play that game. Or something. Anyway, the parade watchin and shrimp eatin happens tomorrow because the parade is tomorrow and shrimps must be consumed while watching the floats and bands and all the other stuff. Weirdly, the game isn’t until Wednesday which I don’t get. Isn’t the whole floats and bands and stuff thing sort of a lead up to the bowl game? Or has it always been off by a few days? Am I on crack?


Anyway, we did go geocaching (yesterday) and retrieved a Q planted cache that needed maintenance, which was maintained and then returned today. It contains Do and Don’t which we FINALLY released in to the wild. Fly my devil duckies, fly!


This isn’t a duckie but it was all purdy like so here you go. UP prettiness.

We had a wild New Year’s Eve of first run movie watching and ball drop watching. Whoooo! Actually, it’s not a bad way to spend the eve. I’m always all antsy in the evening waiting for that last half hour before it’s the next year but this time? We were out watching King Kong and the time sped past lickety bamn! and it was almost time for the festivities. Kong was the BOMB, except for the bug trench scene. Maybe next time I see the movie I’ll actually watch the giant creepy crawly people eating bugs eat their victims. Or maybe not. Glah.


OK! This is much better than giant face eating bugs. YAY Porchsicle!

I don’t have much more for y’all today, so go on and have a good year. Whooo and all.


Your moment of UP Zen

Last year at the booniverse: Latish morning we did the Q house traditional shrimp eating and New Year’s Day parade watching with a helping of general loafing. Mmmm, shrimp sauce. Mmmm, loafing.

Last last year at the booniverse: So yeah, I think my new year’s resolution might be to not eat so much shrimp ever again in one sitting.

The year before at the booniverse: Right now, the plan of action is to pop the kitties outside.

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