Talkin’ ’bout a Resolution

Not so much, really. Sorta. But I do have some plans which happen to be kicking in after the turn of the year.

Hey hi on this snowless but sort of cold Tuesday. What up with that? When I was a kid we had snow from January until March, and it was big snow too. Snow you could tunnel a fort into, not this ‘couple inches here, warm up and melt, couple more inches, warm up and melt again’ crap. Grrrrr. I want my town paralyzing snowstorm damnit, and I want it to stick and accumulate for a whole month. Is that too little to ask? I also want y’all to know that when we came back down state I was sitting around the house remarking on how warm it was (at least 74 I thought!) but when I went to look at the thermostat guess what the temperature really was. No go on, it’s pretty funny. OK, I’ll give, our house sat at a balmy 68 degrees. 68 degrees! And I was too warm. I even took off my slips and sweatshirt and went about in a T-shirt yet it was only 68 degrees. That’s not right. That’s what yoopers do up nort dere in da deep snows.

Oh hell no am I turning into a Yooper, I’m a warmblood damnit.

So I have a couple of…not really resolutions per se but more like goals that are happening about now. One is a continuation of December’s “save some damn money already” stint but is called “budget the damn groceries already”. I’m happy to report that the Save some Damn Money project was a pretty glowing success. We went the whole month without going once to Starbucks (about a $10/week savings on my part) and not once did we go out for lunch (maybe $20/week? Not really sure on this one) and only twice did we go out for eats, but those were on the trip op north of north and the trip back down. Those don’t count, that’s traveling food. Anyway, TheMan says that the not eating out stinted the money trickle problem to a point where he actually noticed a difference.

So! We continue through January with a modified Save Some Damn Money Already project (we’re allowing a twice a month eat out limit. A Q’s gotta have a little fun, yo) and the new Budget the Damn Groceries Already initiative. I theorize that TheMan and I can easily (but not lavishly) get away with a $50/week grocery bill, yet every week when we go out shopping, the groceries are far above and beyond what I think they ought to be. It can’t be that hard to stick to a reasonable budget; our larder is pretty well stocked, the freezer is doing OK and we have cupboards of noodles/rice/canned critters but every week more money.

January is the month this sieve of budgeting stops! We need to learn to be more economical with what we have and plan meals more carefully. My goal for January is to keep to a $50/week food budget and not be eating ramen by the end of the week. Well, unless we want to because ramen is quite tasty. I foresee lots of stock making and chili fixin and crock pot cooking and any other sort of tasty, tasty large batch things for freezing and having later happening at the Q house.

Foo, looks I’ll have to be making some soup stock then. Oh the horror, oh the humanity, oh the wonderful smells that waft about the house. Oh wait, hold on. I’ve gone to my happy place.

OK Back. Mmmm, I love making large batches of good smelling foodz.

My other goal has nothing to do with food. It’s rather quite the opposite or maybe quite the consequence, depending on your point of view. I’m going to try to get an exercising habit going. So far I have two days, which doesn’t really count but it’s a start. I’m pretty hopeful about the Get Your Ass Moving Already project because I’m actually looking forward to exercising. I think it’s the MacGyvers. See I made a pact with myself that I would only watch the MacGyvers while exercising and also that I wouldn’t get season 2 until I’ve finished season 1. Since I’m only watching season 1 while on the Norditrack, then that’s what I’ve got to be doing in order to buy season 2. Exercising is the bothersome step between me and more MacGyverage. Come to think on it, I believe that I’m not so much looking forward to the exercising as I am looking forward to watching the MacGyvers. Whatever gets this jiggly butt moving, I guess.


Your moment of Happy Little Kitty Zen.

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