Notes to self:

I am having very sort of scattered thoughts today so while I would love to write something about one single subject I don’t think I can really give it the attention to detail that I want to. So, maybe I’ll just do some highlights to think on later. In other words-welcome to another installment of Short Attention Span Theater.

I should write up a couple entries to Etiquette Hell about the antichrist and her antics. I thought about that today but there are so many I just don’t know where to start. I should explain why my father is such a waste of oxygen (even thought he didn’t start out that way) and why he is not coming to the wedding but how many stories is that really? OK there is the story about how I discovered the antichrist for what she is, which is a pretty good and complete story and then there is a corollary (which evidently I need to learn how to spell-oh wait let’s let Word do that for me. Something Word can do that is useful and doesn’t piss me off. There) where my sis discovers Satan’s true colors. Is that a story unto itself? Or is it just an after story to my story? Hmmm!

OK, there is definitely the one about little Satan and the brides maids dresses. THAT’s a pretty good submission. I could tell the one about where Satan pulled a gun on my father and then her entire family blamed him for the incident. Yeah, dad married into some good bloodlines there no? Maybe some of these should be sort of a list of grievances (which Word seems to have spelled correctly for me, thanks man!) instead of full blown stories, much like an Easter basket except really not. Easter baskets are good things comprised of lots of little good things and clearly a woman I commonly refer to as either the antichrist or Satan is not quite so. Oooo! The anti-Easter basket! I’ll chew on that for a while and see what I come up with.

I already posted the Cheetos thing.

So, I wanted to also do some reviews and post more links but I am waiting until I get a unique memorable URL so I don’t have to keep finding the bookmark to find my blog. Something catchy and neat – stay tuned! When I do get a cool domain name I’ll think about instigating a film review page and maybe a book review page, provided I start reading again. Mostly I wanted to do a blurb about BoxJam, 1kbwc, Bitchypoo, and Tomato Nation and quite possibly iMDB and Rottentomatoes.

I need to do some organizing of our 1kbwc deck. It needs to have it’s own space, a little photo touch up, the rest of the cards added and a little cover blurbit about the Origins of it (Hee! I slay me…Origins? Ha! OK, maybe I need to explain that but you know, right now I’m pretty smug about that one. You’ll find out later). I also want to be able to sort the cards by author and maybe showcase some of my favorite cards while I’m at it. I like the random card generator I have seen on other sites but TheMan doesn’t know how to do that yet. He suggested I learn PHP and SQL (or something with a lot of letters…you can see where this is going yes?) and then explain to him how it’s done. I think I might have stopped laughing at that idea about five minutes ago but no, there I go again ass over teakettle about THAT particular thought. Who knows, it could happen but then again I think pigs have a better chance of mutating wings and becoming airborne before I even start to understand PVP SQuirreL (and here Word is being a pain in the butt and changing my capitalization. Bastard, QUIT!).

What else did I want to write about, as long as I am making a list of teasers? Oooo! The Smithees would be topical (although I still haven’t said anything about the war or even the shuttle blowing up so my record with “topical” isn’t so good). I’ll keep that in the background, maybe work on that while TheMan and Badmovie are editing. Of course that would also be a great time to put the rest of the 1kbwc (and why am I constantly typing ikbwc? And along those lines, why do I have so much trouble with iMDB? I frequently type iDMB or iMBD which go somewhere completely different) into the data base and fix the couple dozen cards that need to be reshot.

OH! The Sinfest dot NET story! Hee!

Maybe I’ll post an entry or two from the kitties point of view. Hmmm, that reminds me of the Bird Journals. Pics! I need to get a pic of Poo Monkey for that one entry a while back AND I wanted to get a pic of my favorite flag-sorta. I want to put more pics up in general. I should get a digital camera of my own “one of these days” with the tons of extra money I have lying about. Hmmm.

TheMan did a good entry today (here!) which I enjoyed. You know, I totally understood reverse polish notation back when HP calculators were designed in RPN which is really a form of serious nesting. I just found my calculator and it still worked. Whoot. I also found my KFu belts (OK Word, QUIT with the capitals already – don’t make me have to go rokokyu on your ass) but my stars still remain AWOL. Ummm, so yeah, I liked TheMan’s entry because it was sort of a map to how my brain thinks.

Maybe I should have called this entry Disjointed Theater. It’s reading like a shopping list on serious crack (vs. comical crack? Dour crack? Whimsical crack? Oooo, I kinda like that one. Whimsical crack!)

OK, so anyway, today is an interesting day so far. I’m feeling a bit disappointed in my life time accomplishments and rather down on myself for not being the person/where I ought to be at this particular junction in life. I mean, I’m 33 years old and sometimes I think there are things I should have accomplished by now that I haven’t. Will it be too late to start? If I start, is this the right time to continue on with them? I’d drive myself crazy with these thoughts if I didn’t adhere to a strong belief that what is past is past and what is now is what can be changed. The spilled milk thing. I often think (for example) if I had applied my self more or earlier I’d be more advanced in martial arts but I think that leads down a bad path of thinking. The truth is that I started when I did, which could have been much later or not at all so here is where I am now and I have from this moment forward to make any improvements and changes on my life. You just cant change the past so learn from it and move on.

I went out walking with Alessar and did just that. We spent half of lunch in search of sherbet goodness and then had rainbow push-up pops while sitting at the B school court yard under the trees. That is my prescription for everyone today: Seize the moment, go find some sherbety goodness and relax outside in the sun (or shade if you happen to be wearing a dark corduroy shirt but you know, really close to a patch of sun just in case you needed to reach out and touch sunlight). It was a lazy day and that bit of sherbet and sun really hit the spot.

Oh! We saw a pair of cardinals out and about doing that spring bird thing which was a nice treat. I gave the male some good sound advice (that did not include sherbet) and he seemed to heed it. Or maybe he was going to go chasing after the female anyway with or without my suggestion but it was good to see them flying around. I love me some cardinals.

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