Food For Thought

Today’s breaking headline news is that I am very puffed up with self smugness. Why? Because *I* exercised last night. The fates conspired against this plan, throwing tiredness, ennui and a general sense of ‘I donwanna, I’ll do it later’ at me but in the end the Move My Ass Already initiative was just too strong. Ha! My exercise-fu can not be beat! That and I read on the back of the cornbread can that it would take 20-25 minutes to cook the cornbread anyway and I was in no mood to sit around waiting for the cornbread to cook. Somehow, exercising trumped sitting around waiting for things to bake so I up and hopped on the Norditrack for a spin.

And then we had the best chili and corn bread ever in the history of chili and corn bread, which actually segues right into what I was going to talk about. Food! I had a conversation with a coworker yesterday that got me downright grumpy which went sort of like this:

boo: Man, I’m hungry. Wouldn’t it be cool if we came in and someone had made a big old breakfast for everybody?

Bitchy Coworker: You seem like you are always hungry, don’t you eat breakfast in the morning?

boo: Sure, but it still would be cool if we came in and there was this surprise breakfast all laid out.

Bitchy Coworker: *I* don’t think so, I ate already today. You sure do think a lot about food, don’t you?

boo: Well, yeah. I like to cook and I like to eat. I also enjoy it when people bring in treats because I like to mooch stuff.

Bitchy Coworker: So, why don’t *you* bring in something then?

boo: That sort of goes against the whole point of ‘surprise’ and ‘mooch’ doesn’t it?

I was more miffed at this exchange until I realized that not everybody’s into food, be it cooking, eating or both. That’s OK, I don’t dig driving and I know there are people who love getting out in the car for the sake of tooling around in the car. Perhaps Bitchy Coworker is one of those people for whom food is just fuel for the body. How sad. On the other hand, she didn’t have to present ‘tude in this simple conversation. Goodie for her that she ate breakfast, I was just thinking it would be a sweet deal to come in one day and unexpectedly find that someone had made an awesome breakfast thing for everyone to partake of. It shakes things up a bit, makes for something other than the same old same old work grind. No worries, Bitchy Coworker can be all holier than thou with her breakfast eating; I’ll just take her piece of surprise breakfast goodie.

Also, while I do mooch, I have been known to bring in stuff to refill the candy pot or just goodies for everyone. I just though I’d be a little flippant with Bitchy Coworker ‘cuz she was bugging me.

It is true, I love food and I love cooking. I especially like experimenting with recipes and seeing how they turn out. Take last night’s cornbread, for example. I’d modified the basic recipe a while back to include a can of corn (or frozen corn if you like) and chopped up jalape�os for a spicier, more robust cornbread but yesterday when I got to the ‘add sugar’ part I thought, “Hey! I wonder what brown sugar would taste like in cornbread?” So I made it with brown sugar just to see how it would come out. It was TEH AWESOME and paired perfectly with the chili and that’s what a meal is all about.

I can’t imagine not wanting to play around with the directions a bit just to see if you can make things better or at least interestingly different. How else are you going to find the super tasty recipes of the universe if you don’t stretch your culinary legs a bit?

Still speaking of food, I went and did a whole week’s worth of meal planning so I can be wise in my food buying strategy. Huzzah! Except I think the fates are all pissed off about the whole exercise thing because my shopping list is crammed with stuff which looks like it’s going blow my budget. For some reason, my well stocked kitchen is failing on me and I’m finding that we are out of all sorts of weird stuff. I used virtually the last of both Peanut butters today despite the fact that both jars have been knocking around for ever and a day. Now? Empty. I hadn’t counted on those fellas giving up the ghost so soon. We’re also out of sandwich bags and low on plastic wrap and my onions that I just got this past Thursday are rotting. Why? Onions are supposed to keep for ages. I’ve had them in the fridge so long they’ve gone all Cthulhu on me and still they are not rotten. Is my kitchen laughing at me? Punk!

Maybe I’ll tweak the list a little, do a little more doubling up to cut costs (like making lentil soup with leftover lentils after I make lentil loaf on Sunday. Mmmmm, lentil loaf).


Would you get that goddamned camera out of my face?

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