Because Apparently, I’m Obsessed with Food!

Damn straight! I love me some new recipes or maybe a bite of something I’ve never had before. How else are you going to know that uni sushi looks and tastes like snot and that candy coated mini Hershey Kisses are the BOMB of candy coated chocolate? You can’t unless you EAT them and you aint gonna be EATING them unless you think to yourself, “Hey self, I wonder what sea urchin tastes like.” and then go for it. Well, not the sea urchin but definitely the candy coated Hershey Kisses.

In honor of Bitchy McCoworker and the brilliant! observation of my life consuming food obsession, I bring you my typical Monday morning weekend review now with more food. I wonder if I can lace every paragraph with references to food? Alrighty! A challenge!

So. Up North I was at the excellent coffee place that has the world’s best coffee ever (food!) and while buying our five months supply of tasty Highlander Grog I had an Epiphany. Maybe I could chocolate covered espresso beans for the trip back down here at this store? So I asked if they had chocolate covered espresso beans and they said Yes! We have chocolate espresso beans! So I bought a quarter pound of them so TheMan and I could happily much our sweetened caffeinated way back downstate.

What I got was a quarter pound of plain, roasted espresso beans (food!) whose only link to chocolate was the fact that they were roughly the same color. I don’t care what they say about flavored espresso beans, to me they just taste like a whole crap load of bitter with a hint of whatever it is that they may or may not be “flavored” with. Like the beans took the Hershey PA plant tour before jumping into my bag. Caution: These beans may have been in a facility that processed chocolate.

We tried to rectify the situation by adding mini morsels (food!) to the mix but that just made the beans angry. In one giant movement of bean solidarity they conspired to shove all the mini chips to the bottom of the bag so when we went dipping we got three bazillion beans and one lone chip that managed to defy the man. Bean. Whatever. In short, the patch sucked. The beans have been knocking around the kitchen ever since and every day I glare at them, because they suck. This weekend, I decided to implement another patch to try and solve the sucktastic chocolate but not coated espresso bean bug and made a bean and melted chocolate slurry.


These are the fruits of my labor and while I’ve finally achieved chocolate covered espresso bean (food!), I fear I’ve made several of the glops rather large. I suppose it’s OK if you aren’t planning on sleeping. Ever. But next time I just might make small 3-4 bean clusters instead of the 20 bean clusters you see here.


Along with the chocolate melting I did some food prepping for the great Save Some Damn Money Already initiative; part Shopping. I am very sad to say that I overshot my budget by about double but when my entire kitchen started running low on just about everything, I had a feeling I’d run over. Stoopid food stores. FAH! I also picked up some items not on the list – bogo pork (food!) and a chicken (pictured. Aint it purdy?) because the pork was a sweet deal and I was running out of stock. Of course I was. The pot on the right isn’t chicken stock but rather tomato sauce. I have sauce stores! Whoooo!

The chicken (food!) turned out fantastic! At least the parts that were cooked thoroughly. I’m not sure whether to be mad at Joy, the new meat thermometer or my inability to figure out which end is up on a bird but somewhere in there someone/thing dropped the ball and my chicken was a tad underdone in places. On the other hand, it has the best damned breast meat I’ve ever tasted on a chicken ever. Moist!

I’m not really worried about the chicken though. I took all the meat off the bone, saved the bones for making stock out of and threw all the meat in a plastic baggie. It’s cooked enough to make something like chicken ala king out of and the breast meat (which I was planning on making into chicken salad (food!) for lunches) just needs a bit of a go in the oven and it’s fine.

Plus, with the bogo pork and cooked chicken (food!) I’ll have some meals out of the way for next week! I might even run under budget. I’m going to keep a running tally and see if I can average a good budget. Heh, revised goal!


Just…don’t ask. We had a bag of bread (food!) that had popped a seam and gone stale so we decided to give it to the birds. When, after about a week, TheMan noticed that only the bread close to the popped seam was stale and that the rest of is was still as fresh as the day it was baked, he decided to hasten the staling process. This is his solution to our staling problem: Toast house!


One of Isaak’s better pics, I think. He was all wigged because we were not paying attention to him like we should (minimum 25/7). Friday we were hanging out over at Mssr. Gonkweasel and TheRCK’s place (and not petting the cat) and away on Saturday for my birthday dinner (food!) over at The Mumses house (and not petting the cat) so he went all bazoo. So of course we stopped immediately and…took a picture (and did not pet the cat). Poor Isaak.

The birthday dinner was mighty fab. Mr. Paul cooked up the biggest slab o’ pork I’ve ever seen that didn’t also have legs and a head attached to is and we sat down to a pork roast with mashed taters and pan tossed summer vegetables (food!). I got two birthday presents too, but only because Sam’s or Costco had a super special clearance sale on Ghirardelli chocolate baskets in Christmasesque presentations. (OK! Word knows Ghirardelli). Rock! And whoot to a society that thinks a predominantly blue basket of chocolate can not be sold after Christmas at regular prices because obviously blue is the color of the lord. Or something. Hey, my gain, their loss. The other present was a map of the world, which I asked for so I can mark the countries I have coins from.


Here’s our contribution to the travel bug we picked up when visiting the Qs. We didn’t get fort Michilanotgoingtolookitup but we got the bridge. Fair trade and a nice squishing. We have a second squished penny that retained an imprint of the Lincoln memorial across the front of it which we kept for ourselves. It’s cool looking. The only way I’m going to relate this paragraph to food is to say that I took the pic on the coffee table where we have most of our meals. Lame, but it works. Food!


This is TheMan’s new Travel Bug which he is going to christen Thanks for the Memories. We don’t have a release date yet since we have 2 other travel bugs we have to deal with but hopefully someday soon we will get out there and pepper the world with travel bugs. Sadly, this weekend didn’t pan out like we had hoped in terms of caching. On the other hand I got a tremendous amount of dishes, laundry and food (food!) prep done. I even conquisted the Horde. Booyaw!

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