Spicy Rock is Unbeatable


TheMan has been going on about this site for a couple of days now, which is where spicy rock comes from. If you are too lazy to click through the archives (although you will be missing a lot of Teh Funnay), it’s an overheard game of paper-scissors-rock which goes something like:

Kid one: One, two, three THROW! HA! Paper beats rock. Bam!

Kid two: Bam? Bam makes things spicy. Spicy Rock is Unbeatable!

I think I’ll throw up two memes I stole from people I read. Hey, I’m lazy and usually you don’t get a Wednesday post if I’ve posted Tuesday but today is your lucky day…it’s like Christmas all over again! Maybe I’ll make another category for memes and call it “getting to know boo”. Hmmmm. Maybe later, I’m trying to find someone to feed me a Cheeto.

Meme One

What were you doing 10 years ago?

Errrr…that would be nineteen-ninety….ahhh…oh yeah. Six. Lemmie see. Hrrrm! Man, I can’t remember what I was doing last Friday much less ten years ago! I was probably still getting used to the new kitty (Vande-cat came to live with us in December) and in almost exactly a month I’d crush the beejeebus out of my ’92 ranger and have to get a new vehicle post haste. Other than that, I have no idea. Did I get hired on full time in ’96? I might have.

What were you doing 1 year ago?

Shoot! This one’s easier. In short, the Tanzanians were up at the Qs freezing their Tanzanian hinders off and TheMan and I were in the midst of Puppy Watch ’05.

Five snacks I enjoy:

Mmmmm, snacks. And I want y’all to know I had nothing to do with this question, MmmKay? In no particular order other than that’s how I thought of them: Pringles, lightly salted cashews, Hint of Crack, small gum drops, plain M&Ms.

Five songs to which I know all the lyrics

Are we talking real songs like Spirit of Radio (y’all knew I was going to say that) or camp songs like Lloyd George knew my father (and hey! Now you know all the lyrics to that one too! Well, not all of them. Here: Lloyd George knew my father, father knew Lloyd George. Now you do) or is the answer to my question yes? Hmmm. Well, I’m not sure what all I know the lyrics for because I’m always bobbling lyrics every time I sing them. I think my mind gets too far ahead in the song or maybe it just gets bored after a couple of lines and goes wandering off, but I’m really not that good at singing songs through without some sort of goofy mishap.

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire:

Ooooooo! Monay! I’d do a couple boring things like set up a trust fund for TheMan and my kids and little spending stashes for the immediate fam. Yeah, I know, snoooooze. I think I’d like to surprise TheMan with the best home computer system ever on the face of the earth, or at least tell him to go shopping-sky’s the limit (he’s the computer guy, I’m not so much). I’d also buy a nice plot of land and plop a cool stone castle house on it. Lastly, I’d buy something fun for me. Dunno what yet, get back to me when I have my millions.

Five bad habits:

I pick at my fingernails.

I procrastinate

I talk. A lot. Sometimes even at inanimate objects.

I’m the lazy. Is that a habit or a trait?

I swear pretty profusely.

Five things I like doing:

Spending time with TheMan

Not being at work, especially when it’s a legit work day. Ha!


Watching TV/movies


Five things I would never wear, buy or get new again:

That’s an odd grouping. Does this mean never wear, buy or get new again clothes? Or clothes I’d never wear and anything I’d never buy or get new again? I confused! Maybe I’ll just put down things I wouldn’t wear or buy because I can’t think of anything that I would NEVER get new again, given a reasonable choice.

I’d never buy any kind of Hummer.

I’d never wear flip-flops with a toe thing, or a thong either for that matter. Same principal of stuff jammed where it shouldn’t be but different body locations.

I’d never wear or buy a nipple ring. In fact, I’d never wear or buy anything that wasn’t an earring or nose ring. Not that I’d buy or wear a nose ring (for myself), but I don’t object to nose rings like I do any other body piercing that isn’t nose or ear. At least on me, y’all can pierce whatever strikes your fancy on your own body. Have at it, just don’t expect me to get you any nether charm prezzies. Ever.

I don’t think I’d ever buy or wear stiletto heels either. I’m just not that coordinated and I’m already 6 feet tall.

Five favorite toys:


Mmmm, laptop. Is that a toy? Well, it is now.

Can I list a cat toy? Because there is nothing so amusing as seeing a cat lose its shit trying to capture a feather on a string. I usually sit on the bead with feather on a string and make the kitties jump from the floor to the bed, run across the bed and jump back down on the other side. Then I repeat the process and they never catch on. They’ll chase that feather to kingdom come and back. Heh.

Can I include games in toys? It’s my blog so I think I will. Warcraft gets a big shout out but so does DiabloII and civilization.

GPS receiver! Is that a toy or a gadget? I think I’m going to call it a grownup toy and leave it as such.

iPod! iPod rocks. iPod rocks the shit out of long travels (up north, anybody) when you’ve loaded it up with a book on tape. You can also play pong on the iPod. And music, of course.

Meme Two

Heh. I slay me.

Two Names You Go By Other Than Your Real Name:

1. Jeannie

2. Jeans

Two Things That Scare You:

1. The dark. Shut up! You never know what alien or monster or fiendish devil could be lurking out there in the dark. No really! Oddly, I’m more worried about weird X-files shit being out there in the dark than I am people.

2. Incurable diseases. What’s with that? Everything should have a solution or an antidote. Did you know there is no antidote to thallium? I learned that last night watching Forensic Whateveritwas. Everything should have an opposite and it shouldn’t be that hard to cure cancer, AIDS, ebola and all those other nasty stuff.

Two Daily Routines:

1. I take my prenatal vitamins at 5:00 in the morning because they make me slightly queasy. I wake up early and chug them down, then roll over and go back to bed for an hour, thereby sleeping through the queasy. It works (and no, this isn’t a hint of anything. I’ve been on baby vits since November 04. They like you to build up a supply in the bod I guess)

2. Get up, shower, get dressed, put on my glasses. My vision is the suck but I never put my glasses on first thing when I wake up because it doesn’t bother me to pad around blind as a bat. Sometimes if I’m not doing any micro fine work (like cutting cheese for sammiches) I’ll go most of the morning without them.

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now:

1. New pants that haven’t quite relaxed to a point where I don’t feel like an over stuffed sausage. They are the exact same style as my other two comfy pants, but being new they still have their new swanky not giving an inch fabric thing going. I am not a happy camper in the pantsular region.

2. A Hawaiian shirt. Heh. I sort of felt like wearing the one lonely shirt that got stuck behind my door when the weather went cold. It misses all its Hawaiian shirt brethren. I’m also wearing a turtleneck under it so I don’t freeze my body parts off. Hey, wait a minute, if I freeze my body parts off that would solve the new pants problem from number 1, wouldn’t’ it? Hmmmm!

Two Things You Want in a Relationship (other than real Love):

I’m in a relationship I really rather like right now and it has all my major wants and desires. I wouldn’t mind the current relationship spontaneously growing a dishes elf, or a cleaning the house elf though. But I do have

1. Intelligence

2. Wit

Two Truths:

The sun is mass of incandescent gas, a gigantic nuclear furnace.

Where hydrogen is built into helium at a temperature of millions of degrees.

Heh. Yes, I am a butt.

1. I spell abysmally. Oddly, I actually spelled abysmally correct on the first try. That’s fairly unusual.

2. I am not a morning person. At all. Even the cats learned this really fast and you know how hard it is to train cats to do anything.

Two Things that Appeal to You In a Guy/girl:

1. A sense of humor

2. A nice grabable ass.

Two of Your Favorite Hobbies:

1. Pen and paper gaming

2. Lounging around vegging. Heh.

Two Things You Want Really Badly:

Is this a go out and get if I had the money/space thing or nebulous intangible stuff like world peace? How about a little of each.

1. A baby q already! Hrrumph. I am not a patient person.

2. Heh…how about “to go pee” because I’ve been drinking a TON of water today (trying to get all the healthy 7000 ounces in, or whatever it is. More than my usual 12 ounces a day at least) and my bladder is having none of this healthy living shit. Damn bladder. Hold on.

OK! The real number 2…oh wait, that just doesn’t sound right, does it? Hrrrrm. Anyway, the second item on the list would be to have the house completely cleaned, organized and all the little project things done. Can you buy project elves somewhere?

Two Places You Want to go on Vacation:

I haven’t really thought about two places I want to go on vacation. TheMan and I have a pretty happy vacation thing scheduled out with two trips up north and one to Columbus. OH! I’ve got one!

1. A state I haven’t been to yet. I think I have something like 20 more to go. Maybe 17.

2. Australia

Two Things You Want to Do Before You Die:

I had a list of stuff at one point in time of Things I Want To Do Before I Shuffle Off My Mortal Coil but I can’t remember what they might have been. I know one was Learn To Ride A Motorcycle, but it got scratched off. In theory, that would be cool but why learn if you aren’t going to ride and with the way people around here drive I’d never ever want to go out on my bike. So! Here are two.

1. Visit every State in the Union.

2. Become proficient in a foreign language. German would be easy, Japanese would be fun.

Two favorite drinks:

1. Hot water. Hey, I like it.

2. Well made long island iced teas.

Two Reasons you’re doing this survey:

1. I have no creative juices in my head whatsoever. That’s why I used to do the Friday Five, so someone else would do the majority of the thinking for me. Remember: Cheeto butt!

2. Errr…I’m too lazy to think of a second reason!

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