There would be a picture of all the pretty, pretty frosted sugar cookies TheMan and I baked and decorated yesterday butsomeone totally forgot about the existence of devices that can record images for posterity. That same someone had two…TWO chances to remember about them new fangled image recorders and do you want to know when this someone thought a pic might be nice? Try when the boxed up cookies were on their way in with TheMan. D’OAH! Just another example of how I’ll never be Ansel Adams. “So yesterday I was hiking along and there was the moon sitting over half dome. It was pretty cool…D’oah! I shoulda pulled the camera out of my knapsack and taken a picture!”

Do you get the giggles imagining Ansel Adams scrunching up his face like Homer Simpson and saying “D’oah”? Well I do.

TheMan’s workplace had their official open house today, for which we slaved day and night (re: a couple of hours maybe) crating the most exquisite frosted sugar cookies ever. They were so expertly done, I do not include a picture least you should break down in tears knowing that there could never again be such perfection in a frosted sugar cookie. I would hate to quash your budding frosted sugar cookie chef with the knowledge that such masterwork of confectionery delights has already come and gone. Such is my love for you readers. Carry on with your sugar cookie-ing, you shall never feel by my hand the utter despair of a career wasted.

Heh. Like how my total inability to remember to take a picture is turned into deep and abiding care for my readers? This is what a film degree from a Midwestern university is all about folks.

So! Cookies! We made a whole pack of block Ms frosted in white, blue and yellow, with a 3 in the corner. The M and the 3 are the new logo for TheMan’s workplace so we decided to do up a bunch of logo cookies. Do you know how hard it is to find a block M cookie cutter in this town? Damned hard for a town whose college routinely is identified by a BLOCK M. Jeebus people! Seriously, I looked for a block M cookie cutter for about a month before finding it. What’s THAT about? You can get just about everything else on the face of this planet block M’ed but no cookie cutter. Hrrrmph. Wait, I had a point somewhere…

Right! Cookies. Moving on! The cookie cutter isn’t what I initially imagined, but since it was the only one in town it’s what I have. Pictures would be nice so you can see what I’m taking about but today we are exercising the imagination. My cookie cutter is more block M-esque than a true block M since the thing is made out of cheap cookie cutter metal that wont hold a crisp line. You ever see a respectable block M with roundy feet and puffy legs? No. Aint no such thing because a ballooney block M just looks silly. A block M should have straight lines, 90 degree corners, crisp angles. The cookie cutter is also rather large for cookie cutting, about 3 inches by 4 inches. That’s just a tad too big to manage without some distortion of the dough so a lot of my Ms look like they are kicking it up fun style and gettin jiggy with it. Block Ms do NOT get jiggy with anything.

Of course, once you bake the cookies and the dough puffs up all bets are off. They come out looking like cloud shape block Ms and then when you frost them they are…3 inches by 4 inches of bumpy. Last time I made frosted M cookies I discovered that I had to outline the M onto the first layer of frosting in order to make it make any sense. This time we just added the outlining into our frosting plans a wala! Perfect! TheMan had a color thing going (he was in charge of piping as I seem to be a better foundation froster) so that every cookie had all three colors. White cookies had yellow M outlines and blue 3s, Yellow cookies had blue M outlines and white 3s and blue cookies had white M outlines and yellow 3s. Very pretty.

Another thing about the large sized cookie cutter is that you run out of large cookie cuttable cookie dough far sooner than you run out of cookie dough. I made a couple of sugar cookie dudes at the end of every sheet but there was still quite a bit of dough scraps left. Unlike my father, I do not like to save these scraps to put in the next rolling so I ate them. Hey, why let a perfectly good scrap of dough I’m not going to put into the next rolling go to waste? Of course I also had to try a sugar cookie dude when they came out of the oven and then a dude with his head dipped in frosting and then a properly frosted dude. And the frosting! You can’t just let the spoon drop into the sink without at least one lick! We had three kinds of frosting!!!

I do believe I’m still zooming around on that sugar high.

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