What Am I Going To Call This? Oh. OK Then!

At least song lyrics were more interesting and even provided perhaps the majority of the intellectual (which I spelled right the first try, thankyouverymuch) stimulation on some occasions. Meh, what do you expect from a Monday? Oh right. A weekend recap. Well, I shall not disappoint.

I was SICK this weekend because I work with three different people who came down with some sort of stomach thing. GAH! And THANK YOU, you big sacks of sick. Hrrmph. I suppose on the plus side, I didn’t miss any work but I was also feeling very low all weekend and there is nothing that sucks more than feeling low on your days off. Is that a karma thing? Did I wrong someone karmicly and this weekend was just me getting spanked by the backlash? Or does life now owe me a fantabulous weekend to even out this one?

Friday night we watched the usual TV line up of Stargate: SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica. Stargate (the original show, versus Atlantis, the spin off show) amused me with the whole repository of SG-1 teams things. They had some sort of Universal Barrier breakdown something or other which caused all gate travel in the multiverse to be shunted through the…errr…our Earth gate. Something. Anyway, it resulted in about 20ish SG-1 teams gating in to the same universe. Merry havoc and misadventure ensue! I did have a pet pick about the first team that came through the rupture because they were wearing different uniforms and no one seemed to be paying it any mind. Shouldn’t the home base guys notice this sort of thing immediately? Hmmm, did we send them out wearing their all black unis? Do we even have an all black uniform?

Of course it could be that they did say something and I totally missed it. Shiny! and what have you.

Atlantis was…ahhh…something about a bomb. OH! And Mitch Pileggi was a Gou’ald. Heh. That they set up nicely with a couple red herrings before revealing the real culprit. Other than that, I don’t remember anything spectacular about the episode. Hey, I was sick, gimmie a break (and also Weir played heavily in it and I don’t like her much). I went to bed half way through Battlestar Galactica so I have no idea what went on there.

Saturday we played an obnoxious amount of Warcraft. What? I haven’t been on in over a week, the withdraw tremors were driving me crazy! Heh, speaking of tremors, we caught a bit of the Sci-Fi movie Deep Core in which Wil Wheaton is very badly engulfed by some CGI lava. Blergh! *gurgle* Mmmm, CGI lava. The flick also had Terry Farrell in it as well so it was like a Star Trek reunion! Underground. With the dumbest mining vehicle ever thought up by man. Apparently, they were running disaster movies on SciFi Saturday, which can only mean that they will stop running the damned Magma commercial every six seconds. There is a god!

OK! Back to Warcraft! Nothing much to tell; we’re still trying to get faction for TheMan so he can get his cross species mount. This was also my justification for taking Tan ‘splorin! again and I found a whole section of the continent I’d never been too. I was originally swimming for herbs and I just sort of kept on going. Hey! What if Lewis and Clark had turned around before going to wherever it is they wound up? They’d never have gotten there right? Right! Everyone should go ‘splorin!, it’s good for the soul. Eventually TheMan figured out how to get to where I was by land and we met somewheres on the beach side of the middle. It was pretty fun, I found a Horde town.

Not to be confused with the Horde of the same name that lives in or Kitchen.

I also (because I’m productive and all) boiled up some chicken stock and hacked away at a bit of the Horde (in the kitchen). See? We don’t waste the entire day lollygagging at the computer.

Sunday I was still feeling like poo so took it easy(ier) and laundry napped. Mmmm, napping. In a rare burst of industriousness, I took some time out of my busy laundry napping schedule to beat back more of the kitchen Horde, which then begged an immediate nap afterwards. What? Not much you can do with them while they are drying. TheMan went and did condo stuffs and somewhere in there I created a chicken sausage rice dish thing. It was the tasty! Sadly, we did not get to shopping so today is sally forth to shop day. Whooo. Or something.

OK! I’m gone.

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