Now You See It, Now You Don’t

If I hadn’t seen it snowing earlier today I’da thought you were nuts if you told me it had. Somewhere around 11ish the perfectly congenial sky opened up and blatted snow down for maybe an hour. Then it hung around for maybe another 45 minutes and now it’s all gone. Frekky!

Here’s a couple of other tidbits for you all today. El numero uno is: BIRTHDAY WEEK! Heh. My mumses (who habitually celebrates Birthday Month) called me up from on the road Sunday to wish me a happy Birthday Week. Aint my mumses the bomb? So, to celebrate, I’m going to try and update all week plus throw in a double Birthday Whammy JSFR for you junkies on the weekend. Double your snacks, double your fun! (and double your pants size)

TheMan and I stopped off at Hiller’s to pick up the weekly groceries. Alas, I went double the budget again…is it so unreasonable to expect food to not cost so much? I’m going to do some price comparison between K-roget’s and Hiller’s but our gut hunch is that your Kroger dollar goes a lot further. Then again we picked up my birthday dinner this run through, which consisted of two frozen Uno’s pizzas and two pints of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. OH! I forgot about the rum and cokes. See? If it’s not on the list I’ll just clean forget it. Hrrrmph. Eh, I have a couple days yet.

YIKES! Secretary of state. Must to remember to get my plates renewed.

We also picked up a little something something for the Grandmas in the form of those character holiday cookies (Valentine’s hearts in two different patterns this go around), some Hershey’s kisses and Hershey’s Hugs. I’m sending hugs and kisses to my grandmas! Heh. I am so easily amused. And! Here’s a little bit of cookie lore for y’all: As obnoxious as the pre-made, pre-sized, do nothing but flop them on a cookie sheet and bake cookies are…they are remarkably durable. I’ve sent them out in the mail before and they have arrived tip top at their destination, unlike the homemade cookies which detonated somewhere along the journey. You get bad karma points for sending your grandma cookie dust. I’m just sayin.

How can you tell if you have broken your pinky toe? Mine really hurts today due to a mighty thwacking that occurred at 4 this morning when I was creeping around trying to not wake TheMan. Surprise! OW! After doing the pain dance for quite a while, I went back to bed and forgot about it until I put my boots on. Then it hurt like a hurty thing that really hurts. A lot. Now, when I walk around I get a pain along my pinky toe line every time I step with that foot. Step. Ow. Step. Ow. Step. Ow. Sadly, it’s not bruising up like I think it ought, given the force of my midnight (4am) thwacking. No bruise, no sympathy. Hrrrrm. On the silver lining side, while examining my toe (and finding zilcho trace of a bruise) I remembered that I need to paint my toes for the New Year. What’s a good birthday toe color?

And now for something completely different, World of Warcraft. We met up with my coworker and jaunted around some really high level lands. Amazingly, TastyGnome Tan didn’t agro everything in the zone and beyond and only died once during a surprise multi-uber-elite-badguy pull. It’s not a good thing when the person who is guiding you around the new lands says “TWO spawns?!? What?!? I’ve never seen…GLARRGH” is it? I had more fun last night than I have had bopping around in places I shouldn’t be and I got to pick new herbs. yay. I also managed to stick some spells onto some high level critters. Whoot. TheMan continued with his faction project and all was good.

Today’s plan includes some after work geocaching. We still have the two travelbugs form up north (eh!) and really need to reintroduce them to the wild. Hopefully, my pinky toe won’t put up a fuss and the walking will be a good warm up for working out. Someone who had The Sick fell out of their work out schedule. That same someone’s pants are feeling reeeeeeely tight. Coincidence? Gotta be!

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