6 x 6

It’s like five by five but better!

I am having the BEST birthday ever in the history of birthdays in 2006. Heh. OK, really I am having a terribly wicked-good day despite the fact that I got no birthday cards in the mail. *sniff* I have a theory on that though, I think all my birthday cards turned into food. Dear God has there been food.

My only food plans for today were the traditional Real Seafood Company jaunt for lunch and gamer’s night in pizza and booze. Sometimes there ain’t nothing better than computer gaming, pizza and a rum and coke. Buuuuuuuuut this morning I sort of gave TheMan that sideways look that says “Hey honey, babe, love of my life…I know we agreed to only go out twice in a month as part of the “save some damn money already” project and we had our one eat out already and we’re going to eat lunch out today but can’t we kind of squeeze a breakfast in there as well? I mean it’s only technically going out twice in a month if you look at it on a per day schedule. Puhleeeeeeeze?” There may have been some eyelash batting in there too. Well damnit, I haven’t had my Starbuck’s fix since the end of November. Sometimes a boo’s gotta play low and dirty.

TheMan gave it some thinks and decided that Panera might be just the spot. I agreed because Panera is the shiznit of breakfast treats and their coffee isn’t that bad to boot. They’re no purveyor of the holy Cinnamon Spice Mocha but they do make a fine plain mocha and a very fine scone that complements the mocha most excellently. Plus, they are about half as expensive. Good planning, husband!

I walked into work fat and happy (and immediately torqued my computer off badly enough that it up and quit and wouldn’t do anything for me, but I count that on my list of good things that happened today) and not ten minutes later one of the Librarians came in to tell me that they had gone out and gotten breakfast treats for me. Awwwww! Food to keep my food company. They sang, I nibbled on a damn fine muffin (from Starbucks even…I’m getting my wishes it seems) and looked over at the box of cup cakes another librarian had whipped up. Awwww…food to keep the food that’s keeping the food company company.

It took me until break to eat about half of the muffin but by then I had gotten an e-mail from the department I’m farmed out to that said “Happy Birthday! Do you want to come down and enjoy some of your goodies with us?” They aren’t even my department yet they had a card all signed and made caramel chocolate crack brownies and delicious white cake with white frosting and sprinkles. Awwwwww! Food for the food that keeping the food looking for the food company company.

And I hadn’t even gotten to lunch yet.

Then when I get back to my desk I find that my lovely assistant had made cheesecake topped brownies for my birthday. I love cheesecake covered brownies! Strangely, it was about now that chocolate ceased to looking appealing to me. Hmmm. I was also still working on half a breakfast muffin, which was keeping the scone company along with the brownies and cake.


Lunch! I had stuffed flounder. Food Freudian Choice? You are what you eat. I must also be brandy chocolate mousse as well because you gotta get the brandy chocolate mousse when you go to Real Sea Food Company. The time space fabric rips if you don’t. Really.

Back to work and cupcakes! Guess how fast I typed this entry. WHEEEEE! My fingers twitch at the speed of light! I can type faster than God! I can…zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Nah. I wound up taking home the cupcakes and brownie cheesecake fellas for weekend munching. There is only so much food that can coexist happily in my stomach before my pants start feeling cranky. Damn pants don’t like cupcakes.

In non food related birthday fun, I had three people call me up and sing Happy Birthday to me (one sis and both moms, all of which rock the birthday casabah. My mumses gets double casabah bonus fun points because she called at work and left a message, called at work and got me in person and called at home and left a message. That crazy mumses!). YAY birthday songs!

OK, I have some gaming to do and booze to drink. Have a good weekend y’all

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