Japanese Snack Food Review: Dosuko Cremu Sando Biscuit


I’ve been wanting to try these cookies (or biscuit if you are English) or cookies like them for a while because I *think* that they are little kid cookies. You know the things you give tiny tots that look like sweetie sweet adult cookies but aren’t so much so that their little developing teeth don’t rot out of their head. I guess the American version of that sort of thing is Arrowroot cookies. Maybe. Anyway, I was always intrigued by the tiny tots on the package covers and lo! The deluxe Japanese basket of ultimate doom which TheMan and I got as a Christmas gift had a box of these critters. As a double bonus, Rob came over and translated a bunch of stuff for us because these were the real Japanese stuff. There is very little to no English on these packages. Go Rob! And also, if you have issues with the translation, take it up with him. I’m perfectly happy with his Japanese to English because I have a title to call these by now.

These cookies come out of the package smelling the lemon. Mmmm. Before we get into the taste, however, I want to call your attention to the cookies themselves. Take a look:


Those are the same symbols that are on the package. Pea points for fun! And also the cookies are nice and tiny, perfect for little mouths and kinda cute for the bigger people eating them. Plus pea points for both fun and cute!

Back to the cookies. They are a sandwich cookie with a light lemony cream filling. The cookies are vaguely grahamesque like an animal cracker is, but lighter in flavor and a bit denser in construction. I’m pretty sure they would hold up to a crushing better than a graham cracker but I didn’t do any specific mashing of them to test my theory out. They are also not very sweet, like the cook put maybe just a hint of sweetie into them before throwing the cookies on the sheet to bake. They are mildly bland on their own, but combine them with the light sweet and creamy frosting like texture of the filling and it’s ALL good.

Ahh the filling. I was very surprised by the filling because it tasted only faintly of lemon and not bursting with lemony goodness like the smell promised. Ordinarily I would take away peas for not delivering on the olfactory promise but I really rather liked the almost lemon quality of the cookies. Therefore, I’ll neither add nor subtract peas for the light lemon. The filling is also not as sweet as any of the usual sandwich cream fillings that I’ve tasted although it was comparable in gooiness.


Before I wrap up this review, I wanted to point out some of the packaging. First off, I have no idea what’s going on with the bee. None. Why is he wiggling his bee butt? Did he find flowers? Is he calling the hive? Maybe he just has a little bit of petal dew on his hinder and is trying to discretely shake it off. Who knows, but I find him vaguely disturbing.


But this fella I’m amused at. I also have no idea what he is but he sure is happy to be it. Maybe he’s the company mascot.

Most of my Guinea Pigs were not overly impressed but neither were they traumatized by the Dosuko Biscuits so I can’t rightly give them a glowing pea report or a disparaging pea report. I think something right down the middle (although I rather liked them more than the others did) with an extra half pea point of fun and cute for a grand total


of 3.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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