A Weekend In The Life

Hallo, welcome to the usual weekend recap. I’ll keep it short, mostly because I can not remember what we did at all. Not Friday, not Saturday not Sunday. Maybe this was because I was feelin low Friday night and not too gung ho all weekend. Hrm!

Anyway, things that were accomplished: I got the Horde vanquished! BooYaw! Except then I found a whole pack of dishes that were upstairs, in the kitchen and in the bedroom plus TheMan did some cookin (he subscribes to the meal of 1000 pots school of cooking. It is mighty tasty yet poterific) so by Saturday the Horde was back to its usual counter filling self. I think I cried. Or maybe not, but I didn’t get to dealing with my soup stock at all because I was highly depressed about the goddamned Horde. One day! One friggin day!

Monday I was out sick with either more of whatever was bringing me down this weekend, but now with digestive issues! Or it was a case of food poisoning. Either way, yuck. I felt somewhat mostly marginally better by noonesque so I got up and puttered around. And then…I conquisted the Horde…again. Grrrr. But this did mean that I could drag out my pot of soup stock and decant (?) it off into freezable packages. BTW, it was one solid pot of turkey jell-o, for those of you who were wondering. Ew. However, once I stuck it on the stove for a bit, the jell-o melted into liquid stock looking stock. Huzzah! And more dishes to do. Which I did. I’m ahead of the Horde!

I also did all the laundry so huzzah!

Oooooo! Now I remember one thing: On Saturday we got a package from Japan! Full of Japanese Snack foods! YAY! Take a look-

As best as I can tell, there is definitely one repeat (Pizza Pretz…yum!) and possibly a repeat on the chocolate decorer pocky, but this time all snazzed up in a gold package. The outside only says “chocolate” and the blue packaged one I reviewed is chocolate caramel. However, the blue only said caramel on one place on the package and both packages have that candied pear looking thing on them, which I suppose is caramel? I’m going to have to get someone who reads Japanese to clue me in because to my kanji illiterate eyes, they look an awful lot like the same thing. Maybe. I’m also going to have to get someone who knows Japanese to clue me in on about half the stash as there is no English on them anywhere.

Also in the JSFR news (YAY Junkies!!!): I cracked down this weekend and did up about 4 reviews. Huzzah! I am now buffered through the end of March. Except…well, we went over to Rob’s this weekend and I pestered TheMan to stop at my Favorite Little Asian Grocery Store (because we didn’t go last time) and I picked up a little something something somethings. This means that I did not get ahead on my back stock of things to review, sadly. On the other hand, I have lots more tasty things to try right? Right! Yay Randal of the 2Ls!

Of course we played some WoW. We even tried to play some tonight but the server was birthing kittens or something since it sure wasn’t up to task of running a game. Oi! At least we didn’t get punted in the middle of important stuff (we were ferrying some characters around), but it took forEVER to do anything in game. Click. Pause. Pause. Pause some more. Oh look, the screen came up. Click. Pause. Pause. Pause some more. Wonder if time has perhaps stopped. Talk to husband, decide it’s just the server having another cat. Oh! The screen is ready. Click… Apparently, those people trying to actually do something experienced all sorts of fun things, like having an entire party dropped all at once and then randomly dispersed throughout the area. Which, of course, had respawned. Of course. I’m hoping the server down time tomorrow fixes whatever’s going on with our server. Oi!

Today, while I was puttering about doing stock jell-o things, I fired up my CD player and stuck in some discs and just let them play (I have an ancient but supremely dependable Sony 5 disc changer. I heart Sony!). I think the last time I popped a bunch of music in the player and let it putter on was when I was living alone, but I used to do it all the time back then. Now, I hardly ever listen to music anymore. TheMan and I don’t have exactly the same musical tastes so what I find is good puttering music doesn’t float his boat and his puttering music gives me hives. I’d say that this makes me sad, but one of the discs I put in today was Erasure’s Pop. I don’t think it is physically possible to be sad and listen to Erasure.

OK, I’m gonna wrap this up before it becomes a serial novel. See ya tomorrow!

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